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Sony Taps Charlie’s Angels Writers To Reboot Zorro On Big Screen

There’s still no word on the status of that post-apocalyptic Zorro Reborn movie we heard about earlier this year (and thanks be for that), but Sony has a Zorro project of its own in the works that offers what appears to be a much truer rendition of the character. It’s an origin story based on Isabel Allende’s 2005 novel, and Deadline reports that writers are now set for the project.

Sony has hired Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia for the reboot, although there’s no hoped-for time frame for the production. Federman and Scaia bring with them a wealth of television experience, having worked on Charlie’s Angels (still ongoing), Human Target, Jericho and Warehouse 13. Sony last tapped Zorro for the 2005 film starring Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. This reboot should make for a fun time, especially when you compare it to the possibility of seeing the character rendered as a post-apocalyptic vigilante.


  • Helena Larsson

    Shia LaBeouf, Penn Badgley or Chace Crawford as Diego de la Vega/Zorro

  • Mr. M

    Let’s ease up on Zorro, Lone Ranger, Tarzan and Robin Hood in film/television for a couple of decades…give other childhood properties a chance to grow

  • Susanita Babydoll

    Does this mean that it’s going to be another Zorro film?

  • Anonymous

    Like Batman, who is on film #7 and TV series #6 since 1989.  There hasn’t been a Lone Ranger movie or TV series since 1981 – that WB TV pile of crap doesn’t count.

  • Amywings

    If those writers are the ones doing the new Charlie’s Angels currently airing on ABC…I’m staying very, very far away from this movie, thanks anyway.

  • Jmcreer

    I agree with Zorro (only because I doubt they could top the Martin Campbell original) but the Lone Ranger and Tarzan deserve a big film debut. 

    Tarzan hasn’t been seen on the silver screen since 1999 and that was a cartoon.  I want a huge, big budget spectacle based on the novels. 

    I’d also love to see a sequel to Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood as well, especially as it was set up to explore the traditional Robin Hood adventures.

  • Cjorg2

    I guess being Spanish or even remotely Spanish-looking doesn’t count then? 

    You have the makings of a successful Movie Producer…