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Fox Renews The Simpsons

Fox announced this afternoon that it has renewed The Simpsons for two more seasons, ending a salary showdown with the animated sitcom’s voice cast. The agreement will take the series, already the longest-running comedy in television history, through its 25th season, for a total of 559 episodes.

While the network’s press release gave no details, an earlier report from The Live Feed contends the lead actors — they include Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer — agreed to a pay cut from the $400,000 per episode they had been receiving since 2008.

According to the source, the reduction wasn’t as steep as the 45 percent that Fox had demanded. The show’s top producers reportedly had agreed to pay cuts ahead of today’s deadline. However, as The Live Feed notes, unlike the cast, several of the producers have back-end deals giving them a cut of profits from licensing, merchandising and syndication.

Shearer issued a statement earlier today saying that he would agree to a salary cut of more than 70 percent in exchange for a share of profits, but said that Fox had refused to include the cast in back-end deals.


  • Scud

    I was honestly hoping they wouldn’t take the pay cut.

  • Jacob

    There was no way this wasn’t going to happen.

  • Mick

    I was ok with the show ending, but just not like this.

    If it had to end, it has to be on the creator’s terms. It needs a massive finale, rather than just ending on a regular episode.

  • knightoftomorrow

    Can the show just end in two years?  Please?

  • Bcootss

    They SHOULD end it. I saw an episode awhile back where they retconned Homer and Marge’s Wedding. Never watched an episode since. If anything, I would still like to see annual Holiday specials Like “Treehouse of Horror” at Halloween and maybe some Christmas special or something.

  • Anonymous

    Retcons?  What do they think this is, comic books? :)

  • Catsmeow

    The Simpsons should never end, not as long as the voice actors are alive and willing and able. This is one of the only comedies I watch and love. The people clamoring for its cancellation are bitter f***wads who stopped watching years ago. There are many of us who still love the show and watch it religiously every week, and we shouldn’t lose our show because of bitter hates who don’t even have a vested interest in the show anymore. I love The Simpsons! Another decade, please!!

  • Hub

    I’m one of the haters, but I respect your love of the show and am glad it’s still going for you and for everyone else who still likes it.

    That I don’t like it anymore doesn’t matter, as I never watch or think about it anymore anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for that post.  Seriously, its so selfish to want to see something cancelled.  JUST DON’T WATCH IT ANYMORE.  I really hope your comment helps people be a little more considerate of their fellow man. 

    Unfortunately this isn’t my first time on the internet …

  • Oneonly

    While I think this show has run out of steam, and maybe should’ve wrapped up a couple of years ago. They haven’t made a good Treehouse of Horror special since ’99, and with talent moving towards the overrated Futurama. I was figuring that Matt Groening and Co. were getting ready to finish up with the show. But eleven, twelve years later, they’re still going on. For better or worse. But the real reason that the powers that be at FOX haven’t cancelled the show is the same reason that NBC hasn’t taken the Old Yeller called SNL back behind the barn ,and put a bullet in that suffering pet’s brainpan is that either network doesn’t have any idea what to replace the the respective shows with to fill the void. 

  • Joshua

    I want them to cancel the show so I can complete my Simpsons DVD collection in my liftetime

  • MrMGU

    exactly how will referring to them as “bitter f***wads” going to help anyone show more consideration?

  • Anonymous

    Tough talk sometimes helps people see how they are truly portraying themselves.  It’s worked on me before, but then again I also don’t have a problem with constructive criticism.