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5 October TV Debuts We Can’t Wait To Watch

We’re late! October is already a week old, meaning we’ve already missed pointing out one of the five best shows to premiere this month! Lucky, there are four more that we want to draw your attention to… including the return of a show you’ve waited almost a year for, and another return which has had you waiting so much longer…

Onion News Network
The best news show on television – as long as you’re not expecting any of the stories to be, you know, true – returned to screens this past week, with a brand-new Tucker Hope acting as back-up to Brooke Alvarez’ strongest news anchor alive. A great transfer of the satirical newspaper to television, this show keeps the spirit of classic series like The Day Today and Brass Eye alive, and pushes the comedy of The Daily Show in a more surreal, and often much darker, direction. (Premiered Oct. 4, IFC, 10pm)

The Walking Dead
The first season broke ratings records and convinced people that a television version of Robert Kirkman’s zombie comic really would work, and then executive producer Frank Darabont was let go, and a whole hell of rumors broke loose about the show’s budget being cut and production being affected as a result. A year after the show managed to convince doubters that it could work, it comes back having to do exactly the same thing all over again… Except that, this time, there are more people paying attention, and a year’s worth of shows for people to compare it to. (Oct. 16, AMC, 9pm)

I’ll admit, I pretty much tuned out of the NBC series at the beginning of last season, but with the show going into this year knowing that it’s the final season, I’m hoping that writers will start pulling threads together and tying up loose ends, while also going for broke with the crazy plot developments and please, please kill off at least one of the characters. It’s the last chance you’ll have to do any of this, people: Make it count. (Oct. 21, NBC, 8pm)

Grimm/Once Upon A Time
Choose your own fairy tale adventure with these two shows both based around the idea of bringing old children’s tales to something closer approaching “the real world.” ABC’s Once Upon A Time, from former Lost writers, looks very much like someone has read DC/Vertigo’s successful Fables comics and thought that they could perhaps add some Desperate Housewives to the question “Whatever happened after the Happily Ever Afters?” while NBC’s Grimm goes all Supernatural on the backsides of various bedtime stories, as a descendant of the Grimm blood line has to hunt monsters that the original fairy tales were based on. Is the audience really that invested in stories they grew up hearing that they’ll support two shows based on them? That remains to be seen, but expect Grimm to be outperformed by the sudsier Once Upon A Time at least in the earlier part of their seasons. (Grimm: Oct. 21, NBC, 9pm; OUAT: Oct. 23, ABC, 8pm)

Beavis and Butthead
Yes, really; the two animated numbskulls that defined MTV for a generation are back for a new series starting at the end of the month. An attempt to reclaim past glories? Perhaps, but considering early reviews have been extremely positive and producers are claiming that the show will be skewering the reality shows that make up the rest of MTV’s output, this should be worth a look at the very least. (Oct. 27, MTV, 10pm)


  • Christopher

    Oh God no, here comes a new generation of morons giggling everytime someone says something like assembly. “He said “ass” huh huh huh.”

  • Anonymous

    Chuck actually starts on the 28th, it got pushed back a week to coincide with Halloween.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and that also applies to Grimm.  You should fix it in the article.

  • Jacob

    The only way the final season of Chuck will disappoint me is if they don’t address what Fulcrum wanted with Bryce’s body. It’s the only thing that I still want answered.

  • Dawnell_do

    I can’t wait for the The Walking Dead too return!

  • Booster Gold


    And Walking Dead too!

  • demoncat_4

    looking forward to walking dead and beavis and butt head premires the most. and also to see how much of fables once upon a time ripped off

  • Corporategohan

    The issue with these 2 NBC/ABC shows is… Fables was shopped around to both networks, i figure neither bought the show? So a writer can always “borrow” the premise. If they fail, its because of lack of originality on both network’s parts.

  • ATK

    Can’t wait to check out all of the above. Also looking forward to Pearl Jam Twenty on PBS 10/21; The return of Robot Chicken 10/23; Seth MacFarlane: Swinging in Concert which just aired on epix; Avengers EMH on 10/20; and i know the Green Lantern- Animated Series is 11/1 but close enough.

  • Jacob

    Wait, when did EMH get a start date? I checked like three days ago and found nothing.

  • Brian from Canada

    That’s something I’d like to know too. I’ve been waiting for that news for quite some time!

  • Jay Seaver

    “Chuck…please kill off at least one of the

    What is wrong with you?  Seriously, the last thing a fun, generally upbeat show like “Chuck” needs in its last season is somebody killed off to show the audience that the producers mean business, especially going into a homestretch where there’s not enough time to bounce back to its proper mood even if the show does finally divest itself of Jeff & Lester.

  • Matt Spatola

    The Beavis & Butthead preview trailer MTV’s been running the last week is hilarious.

  • Sammy the K

    Once Upon A Time is the best pilot of the season, hands down. I see Grimm getting canceled, and Once doing very well, actually.

  • Cforshaw67220

    There are six shows here, not five. Counting two shows as one does not make them one show!

  • Big H

    Actually I expect Once Upon A Time to do better than Grimm, if nothing else just based on it’s time slot. Sundays at 8 is better than Grimm going up against Supernatural and Fringe Fridays at 9. Not sure what NBC was smokin thinking that was a good slot for that show.I said “slot” huh huh huh

  • ATK

    Ive got an app on my android called TVSHOWFAVS that shows the start date for EMH as 10/20 on disney channel. I’ve checked official listings and been unable to confirm the date but everywhere else is saying it’s october 2011 so it’s gotta be around then. The app does have a bad habit of showing the first premiere date even if it’s in another county and I know the latter half of last season was aired in Australia before the US. The title of the episode listed if “The Private War of Dr. Doom”

  • Scarlet Jessica

    These shows are great! Especially Beavis and Butthead. I’m glad it is back. I have been searching for a TV channel or software that has this and I’m just happy that I found it.