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Javier Bardem Confirms He’ll Play The Villain In Bond 23

We’ve been hearing since at least the start of the year that Javier Bardem is up for the starring villain role in EON Productions’ next, still-untitled Bond movie, which most just refer to for now as “Bond 23.” The casting hasn’t been confirmed in any official capacity since the talk first kicked up, but Bardem addressed the possibility personally in an appearance on ABC’s Nightline (via MI-6).

In short, he’s a lock. Bardem is our next Bond villain.

He wouldn’t speak in specifics, although he did describe himself as “Bond’s nemesis,” adding, “but it’s not that obvious. Everything is more nuanced. It’s very intriguing. … They’re changing the whole thing, the whole dynamic.” So … that’s non-specific. But awesome. Bardem gives great Bad Guy.


  • Jacob

    He looks like a pretentious Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  • Sands

    I hope the climactic fight between
    Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem will knock
    everyone on their ass.

    I am waiting for a good hand-to-hand fight for Bond, not those brief
    fights he kept getting.

    Kurt Angle and Gary Daniels would be good secondary villains. There
    would be amazing fight scenes between each of them with Daniel Craig.

    There could be a fight sequence where Kurt Angle overhead belly to belly
    suplexes Daniel Craig through a glass wall and later executes the Angle Slam on
    him as well but Daniel Craig manages to beat him after a long, hard fight.

  • G.

    Who kind of looks like a pretentious Robert Downey Jr.

  • Jacob

    No, more of a redneck RDJ.

  • Big H

    Actually your comments make you sound pretentious.

  • Jacob

    I am very.

  • Sevenpenny

    and and then Angle puts the ankle lock on him and Craig taps out!!!!! err uh wait….