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Disney Moves Thor 2 Opening

Disney has moved the release of Thor 2 from July 26, 2013, to Nov. 15, 2013, in a calendar shuffle that makes room for the studio’s big-budget Western The Lone Ranger. Phineas and Ferb now takes the sequel’s original spot on the schedule.

Monster writer/director Patty Jenkins is in talks to helm the Marvel film, reportedly edging out such contenders as Breck Eisner, Drew Goddard, James McTeigue and Noam Murro. Don Payne, who co-wrote the first film as well as Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, is tackling the screenplay for the sequel,

Starring once again Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, the film will, in the words of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, “primarily be the journey of that character, of he and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and how the new dynamic with his father (Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins) is working out, as well as what are the broader stakes for The Nine Worlds.”

Thor, which opened in May, has grossed $447 million worldwide.


  • Asylum Photo

    Well that sucks.

  • Marvelcomics1981

    it does. they should move it closer to thanksgiving

  • Grant

    This is a smart decision. Gives the movie more time (especially no director has signed on) and takes it out of the competitive summer months. And plus it’s nice to have a high profile superhero movie in the holiday months. There’s no Harry Potter or Twilight to compete with so the movie is pretty safe.

  • Michael Dean

    Wait… there’s going to be a big screen Phineas & Ferb movie?!?!?!

  • Mike

    I checked to the release schedule for that month…

    11/8- Dreamworks animation project
    11/22- Catching Fire- one of those Hunger Games books. I know nothing about them, but I hear them are pretty popular. 
    11/27- Pixar Dinosaur project
    12/13- The Hobbit

    That’s some decent competition. Now I know late July can be tough too, especially with other comic films coming out prior. I still think Cap would have done a lot better coming out earlier and not being the 4th comic movie released this past summer. Should be interesting to see how Thor 2 does in a slot not normally occupied by superheroes. BTW, wasn’t Green Lantern originally schedule for November/December 2010? 

  • Grant

    The 2nd Hobbit isn’t a concern. Thor will make most of it’s money before Christmas. The animated movies tend to skew more towards families and it’s unclear if Hunger Games will be that huge. The books don’t quite do Twilight or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo numbers so it doesn’t quite have that built in audience.

    So unless Fox moves Wolverine to November I think Thor is safe since there’s no real competition for 13 plus male audience.

  • Mike

    I think that’s more important news that Thor getting moved. I’m guessing Across the 2nd Dimension must have done huge numbers on TV and DVD for a theatrical movie to get greenlit. I hope my kids will still be into them in 2 years!

  • Jacob

    Right? I never heard about that!