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The Avengers Trailer Gets Audio Commentary From Robert Kirkman

This is kind of great. Robert Kirkman, who most of you readers had better know as the creator of The Walking Dead, stopped by the offices of MTV News this week before his appearance at New York Comic Con. The second season of the TV series based on his comics airs this Sunday, but MTV decided to make Kirkman talk about The Avengers instead.

In the video below, you can hear Kirkman delivering a fairly hilarious audio commentary for the just-released Avengers trailer. It’s pretty great stuff, but I especially agree with the bit about Samuel L. Jackson.


  • Brian Middleton Jr

    It seems weird to me that one of Image’s posterboys is so vocal about the Avenger’s trailer.  I saw that he did a write-up of the trailer on another website as well.  Is he trying to shepherd some of the Avenger’s trailer watchers over to Image?

  • Anonymous

    10 trillion dollars indeed!

  • Jacob

    He’s probably just a big fan. Add in that he’s one of the biggest names in comics and it’s a pretty good fit.

  • Jacob

    Whose idea what this? Because it’s fucking amazing.

  • Toneloak

    That was fun. Also, it was super cool to see new things I didn’t see last time I watched it, cause they slowed it down. Although now I feel a little spoiled. Ha!

  • Shawn

    NOOOO. Not available to users in my region! Not on Youtube either. WHY?

  • Jacob

    Because every time someone tries to write down “MTV” all that comes out is a doodle of a penis.

  • Drhiphop85

    All movie trailers should be watched by Robert Kirkman…HERE THAT DC: TDR trailer needs to be viewed by Robert Kirkman and I promise to see your movie 3 times LOL