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Six Minutes of Dark Knight Rises Attached to Mission: Impossible 4?

Following word that The Dark Knight Rises might film at the Occupy Wall Street protest while in New York City, comes another rumor, this one from /Film, stating that viewers may a six-minute prologue to the latest Batflick in December.

The footage will supposedly be attached to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol IMAX prints, which will come out five days before wide release (Dec. 16 and 21, respectively).

/Film says the source is trustworthy, and we have no reason to doubt that, but considering the amount of rumors and speculation that have swirled around this production already, color us skeptical. For one thing, the movies are from different studios, with The Dark Knight Rises from Warner Bros. and Ghost Protocol from Paramount. However, as the website points out, the Mission: Impossible sequel has the biggest run of any film in IMAX around that time, so a deal could’ve been made. We also question whether WB would put footage for a highly anticipated sequel only on IMAX screens. Wouldn’t the studio want to get the prologue out in front of as many eyes as possible?

Like most Batman movie news, we recommend taking this with a grain of salt. In fact, we all might benefit from getting our own tiny Bat-themed shakers until the movie’s release next summer.


  • Lady’sMan217

    “Wouldn’t the studio want to get the prologue out in front of as many eyes as possible?”

    At this point, do you think TDKR is really hurting for promotion? If anything, many will avoid the 6mins and wait for the entire immersive experience.

  • CJ3

    This is a nice gimmick to get people to see MI4 Ghost Protocol, but I am not buying it LOL.  I have watched the first three and for some reason this one just does not look good, it looks like they are trying to force too much in this one, maybe just too much in the trailer.  I am also not a fan of Tom Cruise, I keep hoping they would just reboot those movies and go back to having an original team that works together than this crap where every movie there is someone on the team that can’t be trusted etc.  I guess these movies are not for me.  Oh and back to the gimmick, the 6 minute Batman prologue will be on the internet at some point and I can wait till then.

  • Adam Chapman

    WB already DID attach a prologue for a highly hyped Batman film only on IMAX screens.  Back in 2007, when I Am Legend was released, the IMAX release included the entire bank robbery scene from the beginning of Dark Knight, and non-IMAX releases included what was at the time a new Dark Knight trailer.  So it definitely wouldn’t be the first time, and I would definitely ensure I saw MI in IMAX to see the prologue early on the big-screen.

  • Scud

    Well looks like I have a reason to go see Ghost Protocol now.

  • Kyle Valenzuela

    So much content being released on this batman