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Michael Bay and Adam Glass in with Outsiders at The CW

Michael Bay is a busy guy. Between making Transformers sequels, the director of such films as Armageddon and Bad Boys also finds time to put together TV projects. The latest one, according to Variety, is called Outsiders.

Don’t get your hopes up, fans of obscure DC Comics teams, this isn’t based on an existing property, but instead on the ideas of Adam Glass, supervising producer of Supernatural and writer of DC’s relaunched Suicide Squad. Like Supernatural, the show has been picked up by The CW as an hour-long drama.

The series will focus on a pair of investigators who find themselves looking into the subcultures of Los Angeles. One’s an uptight cop, while the other is a sociologist who’s an expert in, you guessed it, subcultures. While the world might not be clamoring for yet another mismatched-cop show — especially one that seems like the qualities of Fox’s Bones were thrown into a bag, lightly shaken and rebuilt — Bay will hopefully help bring some spectacle to the proceedings as one of its executive producers.


  • Scud

    Michael Bay, Adam Glass and CW. If that isn’t a recipe for disastrous I don’t know what is. The premise sounds TERRIBLE as well.

  • Man Vs Twinkie

    I’d actually like to see a GOOD tv version of DC Comics’ The Outsiders if done well enough. It’d be cool to see it depicted as a team superheroic vigilantes cleaning up the streets. They’d probably be better off negating the entire connection to Batman. Make it so they are instead funded by Prince Brion Markov of Markovia (a.k.a. Outsiders member Geo-Force) who’s been commuting between his homeland and N. America in recent years and puts together a team of heroes to take care of situations most would not want to or cannot handle. Throw in Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, Metamorpho, and Looker and we’re in business!