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James McAvoy Signed, and Eager, for X-Men: First Class Sequels

James McAvoy talked to Total Film about sequels to this year’s surprising hit X-Men: First Class, noting that he’s both contractually obligated to be in another flick, but interested as well. “I’d be up for it. But the truth is I’m contractually obliged to be up for it because they made us all sign multiple picture deals!” McAvoy told the magazine.

McAvoy went on to explain that he has spoken with director Matthew Vaughn about possible story arcs for potential sequel. The actor liked their new take on the X-Men films as they didn’t pit Professor X against Magneto and also feature Wolverine trying to find himself. “This was a completely different thing. Magneto wasn’t a bad guy, we were friends. We’re now set up to go back to the way the other movies are, so we’ve got to try to be cleverer than that.”

With no shortage of source material to pull from and a legion of mutants at their disposal, there should be no trouble coming up with another story that fits in with what Vaughn and the writers. More retro superhero goodness on the big screen, please!


  • kalorama

    Not sure why Firts Class’ succes was all that “surprising.” The franchise as a whole has been highly successful.

  • Ryan

    Well, X3 and Wolverine was disappointing, even though I think they both made a lot of money. I’m looking forard to FCII though.

  • Brian

    While X-3 and Wolverine were financial successes, they were widely panned by both critics and moviegoers alike.  I think people weren’t expecting an X-Men movie without the proven popularity of actors like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and/or Ian McKellen to be as huge a hit as past X-Movies.  Additionally, the promo pictures that Fox spread around prior to the film’s release were pretty hokey and had people expecting the film to tank and tank hard.  For those reasons, a lot of people were geared up to hate the film, but were surprised to find that it was really rather good.

  • C. Thompson

    I would love to see how the writers had planned to use Cable in the sequel.  At first he seems like an odd fit, but I’m betting they could find a way to make him work by either streamlining or ignoring some of the more confusing aspects of his origin story.  In my view he could be a huge breakout character if introduced in the sequel, especially if it’s set during the early years of the Vietnam War and he is a soldier.

  • NK

    I like the Cable idea! He could be a sort of mutant hunting weapon
    x/super soldier, Vietnam vet who turns out to be a mutant and undergoes
    some government experiment to become a robot (precursor to sentinel?)
    but it goes wrong and he’s just a cyborg type mutant who feels like a
    monster or something. Sure, it’s not really Cable, but it could be
    really compelling.

  • Randy Watson

    1980’s Sentinels build by future-tech from Bishop’s time set against the Cold War, please.

  • Mak

    Doesn’t quite sound right… Not for Cable. They should make his story as close to the original as they can and not do something like him being a soldier in Vietnam…

    I’d be interested in seeing Stephen Lang in the roll. Since the momnet I saw him in Avatar he had “Cable” written all over him.

  • kalorama

    All true.  But I’m 100 percent certain that the “surprise” he was talking about was its financial success. And given the fat that even the crappy X-Men movies made boatloads of cash, the fact that this one did shouldn’t have shocked anyone.

  • kalorama

    Yeah, I’d much rather see Bishop than Cable.

  • Drhiphop85

    I think we need to go 70s people. Give us a reason to put somebody hot in a Dazzler costume, bring out the Marauders, and perhaps give us some glimpses of the future X-Men…

    IF we do 80s then I say definitely against the backdrop of the 80s…

    Really First Class should abandon any connection to the previous movies and just create their own continuity. That way we can perhaps one day get a decent Phoenix Saga on the big screen.

  • Alex

    I love X-Men comics to death, but still haven’t seen this thing. I heard something about Xavier meeting Mystique as a child or their parents getting married (ala Cain Marko) and my X-alarm went off in my brain.