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JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Sequel Won’t Be Called Star Trek 2, Apparently

The biggest news to come out about the sequel to J.J. Abrams’ alternate-timeline interpretation of the Star Trek franchise can be summed up pretty simply: It won’t be called Star Trek 2, says Access Hollywood.

Aside from that there’s not much in the way of news, other than filming is expected to get under way in mid-January. The outlet spoke to Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura, on a red carpet, where she said she knows the story will be amazing, but that she hasn’t received a script. As she hasn’t seen the script, she also doesn’t know whether the relationship will continue between her character and Zachary Quinto’s Spock.

Considering we’ve heard nearly nothing about the sequel, it’s impossible to tell what the movie will be about and what it will be called. Abrams and company could take a page from any of the Original Series episodes or one of the movies. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if they go in a completely different route, exploring the new timeline they’ve created and using several familiar elements in new ways to expand the Star Trek Universe.


  • durkadurka

    Phew, that’s a relief.  The biggest question is out of the way!

  • RunnerX13

    Nice to see that they’re taking a cue from The Dark Knight, but what can the call the sequel?  The Womanizing Captain?

  • Paul

    Star Trek: Romulus Strikes Back.

    followed by

    Star Trek:  Return of the Vulcans

  • Mikael

    So CBR never credits Bleeding Cool for these stories do you? Because come on – it’s so obvious where you’re getting these stories from. 

  • RunnerX13

    Bleeding Cool just reported on an interview done by Access Hollywood.

  • AdamH12110

    It’ll probably be some phrase that’s already associated with the property.  Like, maybe the name will be “Final Frontier” or something like that.

  • RunnerX13

    Was only joking, but we already had the Final Frontier, and it was far from the final movie. 

  • Brandt

    • The Orion
    Syndicate as the villains
    • Larger
    all-star cast as well as many cameos including by William Shatner
    • More planets
    • Larger space
    battles with more starships
    • Kirk having
    better fighting skills
    • Kirk having
    several human love interests played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young
    • No cut
    • The Star
    Trek theme music from the Insurrection end credits used at the end

  • Lorraine

    I hope they
    include Lady Gaga in the sequel as a singer with dark connections to the
    villains. With her futuristic music and style, she would fit right in.

    I’d like to
    see Kirk, Spock and McCoy go undercover to a techno concert of hers on a
    distant planet which is raided by many henchmen who have a thunderous phaser
    fight with them.

  • Sheldon

    I want a scene in the sequel with Kirk, Spock and Bones sitting around a campfire at Yosemite National Park singing ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’!

  • Paul

    OWWWWW.  Worst. Movie. Ever.

  • Astra

    Woot! I’m -really- happy to see this movie under way. I really enjoyed the first movie, J.J. Abrams really brought it the flair it needed to survive with today’s audience. I actually went to watch it 7 times, (Because you know nothing compares to seeing it in the theater ;P) and know of at least 3 others who did the same. I truly wish to see more of a development in Spock and Uhura’s relationship in the second movie, it was my main highlight of the first one to be honest, and it just makes sense. It was apparently supposed to be canon as well in the original series (or at least, they wanted to develop more on it), but as the company didn’t like “colour being on the set”, Uhura’s roll was diminished and they were unable to act further on it. Another thing is, to all those “Spirk” people out there, come on, be honest, that just wouldn’t make a good story. You have to admit it, it was a running gag to be sure, but that was all. It made the audience laugh. Not to flame you :P It would be interesting to see it as a sort of gag still, but I’m -really- happy to see Spock with someone, they fit well together, (unlike Nurse Chapel, dunno about you, but I hated her. She didn’t seem to suit him either), and a bit of actual romance is always a good thing. Besides, it’s fun to think of how Uhura and Spock would’ve developed said relationship beforehand, (seems like Spock’s a bit of a risk taker, dating his student, naughty professor ;) lol), and with such an intimate moment shared between them, it makes you want to see how they develop right? See them stick together. I’m not saying the movie should revolve around it >.< But definitely have some little tidbits either giving hints or outright statements on their relationship :) Please don't flame me X3 <–(Kitty face :P)

  • Jmcreer

    It’ll be…

    Star Trek: New Frontier

    No relation to the Peter David series of books.  The title certainly would highlight the aim of the Enterprise – to explore new frontiers etc, etc…

  • Eldonte

    Star Trek: Those Darn Tribbles

  • Jacob

    The title is the hardest part of writing a story!

  • Treeman123169

    I liked what they tried to so in the first movie, but they changed Kirk’s character so much that he wasn’t recognizable. The moral issues were handled almost exactly the opposite of how Kirk would have originally handled the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the second movie they visit the evil universe and discover that the Captain Kirk there is a swell guy.
    How can I write this? Have you seen the first movie? Kirk should have done everything in his power to save the Romulans. Time and time again in every Star Trek TV show, Movie, and Comic. Kirk always goes out of his way to save the villian, because all life is precious. In this new universe it doesn’t seem like he particularly cares who lives or dies. I’m not sure I will even be willing to rent the DVD of the second Star Trek. The series is dead.