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Simon Kinberg Hits the Books for X-Men: First Class Sequel

SuperHeroHype reports the young mutants from X-Men: First Class, which turned out to be a huge hit for 20th Century Fox, will have their next adventures chronicled by someone familiar with the mythos, Simon Kinberg.

In addition to writing screenplays for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Sherlock Holmes and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Kinberg also wrote the third X-Men movie, X-Men: The Last Stand, with Zak Penn.

Naturally no details have been revealed, although star James McAvoy did say in a recent interview that he and the other cast members all signed contracts to appear in sequels. Of course, Hollywood contracts are practically made to be broken, so we’ll just have to sit back and see who returns — including the first film’s director Matthew Vaughn — as well as what new characters the nascent X-Men will face in their second big screen outing.


  • Jimbo

    Oh dear Fox… Are you really going to hand over your reborn franchise to one of the people who helped jump-start its descent into utter crap?

  • Rasslor56

    Hmm—Fox screwing this up…..

  • Mark

    Would love to see this take place in the eighties.

  • Jay B

    I got a good idea…let’s get the guy who wrote the kickass X-Men: 1st Class script to write the sequel…not the guy who wrote the suckass X-Men: Almost Last in the series!!!

  • SuperheroAlliance

    Just when I was beginning to have a different opinion about Fox, they go hand the job to this ass wipe. Bad move Fox – bad move!

  • Anonymous

    Aw man after Origins I thought we were in good shape. Origins is the best of the X-Men movies by far and X3 is the worst, man Fox get your shit straight. What’s going on over there?