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RoboCop Director Jose Padilha Teases Details of Sci-Fi Reboot

Fans of Brazilian director Jose Padilha’s gritty Elite Squad and the sequel Elite Squad: The Enemy Within will be excited to hear that he has big plans for MGM’s RoboCop reboot.

RoboCop the first movie was fantastic,” he tells ComingSoon. “But even if there was no movie, the concept of RoboCop is brilliant, first because it lends itself to a lot of social criticism, but also because it poses a question, ‘To when do you lose your humanity?’ The way it does that is by replacing body parts with machine parts, and that’s very smart because guess what? It’s going to happen!”

Padilha plans to focus on that aspect of the process, giving a more in-depth look into what it takes to actually build a RoboCop. “I have my take on it,” he said. “And I can tell you this: In the first RoboCop when Alex Murphy is shot, gunned down, then you see some hospitals and stuff and then you cut to him as RoboCop. My movie is between those two cuts. How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?”

It’s nice to hear the mind behind a big reboot actually thinking about the deeper elements behind the RoboCop story. Hopefully, the results can match up to Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original.


  • nailsin

    Are there any new ideas out there anymore?

  • Trey

    nothing new under the sun, nailsin. With the massive ramp up of released, books, movies, tv, comics, music, the last 20 years, There are no new concept, except the 1% best creators

  • Lady’sMan217

    Will there be a scene with baby food that comes out in lumps like a pile of crap? If so, put it in 3D, then let Ed 209 slip and fall on it yay!

  • Ct Duckula

    This is a new concept.  Of established material, of course, but most stories out there can be boiled down to a simple concept.  At least they’re taking a chance to make this series more interesting.

  • Ct Duckula

    Can’t wait.  There’ve been good ideas in this universe years after the first flick.  Just hope this is as  heady/trippy as the original, in its own way.

  • Noms

    So, instead of the good cop gunned down, becomes cyborg, kills all the bad guys, we’re going to get some art-movie wank where more time is spent on emo crap instead of badassery? Gawd save us from this guy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not against remakes but if you’re going to do it, do it right. Dawn of the Dead remake I love, prefer it to the original actually, New Nightmare on Elm Street though, not a fan. My fear is they’ll water it down to a PG-13 looking for more money at the box office and better toy tie ins. The movie will suffer, critics and fans alike will pan the movie and the toys and merchandising won’t sell. Bottom line is the franchise will go back into limbo, I hope I’m wrong, probably not but we’ll see.

  • Jmcreer

    Robocop Begins.

    Man… Christopher Nolan has a lot to answer for all these “Begins” films.