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Star Trek Sequel Opens May 2013, Abrams Targets Benicio del Toro

J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek surprised many by being both faithful to the original source material and also widely accessible to new viewers. Sequel talk started almost immediately, but Abrams wanted to make Super 8 before returning to Starfleet. Now that that’s out of the way, we’re finally getting some substantial news about the film.

The MTV Movies Blog caught up with Abrams on the red carpet for Super 8‘s DVD and Blu-ray release, where the director confirmed that Benicio del Toro is high on his wish list of new actors for the film. “It’s too early to talk about what the role is, but he’s such an amazing actor,” he said. “He’s so versatile. He could sort of do anything.” He went on to say that as soon as anyone was signed, news would be released to the public.

Meanwhile, Deadline scored a few practical details. First of all, the film is planned for a May 17, 2013, release to fill in the gap left by Roland Emmerich’s Singularity, which moved from that date to Nov. 1, 2013. Secondly, the site confirmed the Star Trek sequel will be shot in 3D. Writers Damon Lindelof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are working on the script, and all stars will be returning.


  • Fowler

    • The Orion Syndicate as the villains

    • Large all-star cast as well as many

    • More planets

    • Larger space battles with more

    • Kirk having better fighting skills

    • Kirk having several human love
    interests played by Hollywood’s most beautiful young actresses

    • The Star Trek theme music from the
    Insurrection end credits used at the end

  • Coryjameson

    I know that Star Trek has always flouted the laws of physics but Abrams’ Star Trek was just to dumb to live. Considering that in the Star Trek Universe FTL travel is ubiquitous and presumably their Astrophysical sciences are far more advanced, there’s no way in hell that they would have be taken off-guard by the death of Romulus’ Star. They would have been able to evacuate the whole system in time. Also, if the villain had a time machine, he could have gone back in time with some Vulcans and warned everyone what was going to happen in time to save everyone including his family. 

    So the whole plot of that movie was INCREDIBLY STUPID even using the internal “logic” of the film. 

    Therefore, any other Star Trek by Abrams will, by definition, suck

  • pDUB

    the villian did not have a time machine, it was a wormhole which shot him to a different time and place. womp womp.

  • Jmcreer

    Why are you back Cory?  It was so nice when your pointless, negative, inconsequential comments weren’t here cluttering up the comments section.  I miss those days…

  • Khiaao


  • Jenmaters

    I also hope there would be a TV series for Star Trek. I’m just a huge fan of it. Hope to see it via online TV.

  • Daniel Worthington

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I could see Benicio del Toro playing an excellent Khan…

  • Rod G

    I’m just surprised there are no klingons in Abrams’ Trek . . .

  • Omegasaga

    as much of a HUGE fan i was of the last movie. AND being a 30 plus yr trekkie myself….. wating 4 yrs  for a sequel is just  riddiculous.     My enthusiasm just wont /isnt as big as it would have been if i were watching a teaser trailer for the next movie  NOW ( for a summer 2012 release).

    sure i will go see it but it kinda like   mehhhh

  • Magnusjragnarok

    You’re off your pub stool, mate. JJ Abrams’ Trek put A LOT of non-Trek fans into theater seats. You’d be crazy not to realize that he revitalized a languishing property.