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Walking Dead Midseason Finale Attracts 6.6 Million Viewers

Sunday’s midseason finale of The Walking Dead performed solidly for AMC, delivering 6.6 million viewers, Inside TV reports.

That’s down from the series-high 7.3 million who tuned in for the Season 2 premiere, and still ahead of the first season, which at its height attracted 6 million viewers. Story-wise this week’s episode, “Pretty Much Dead Already,” rates among the strongest of what’s been a slow-moving and frustrating season.

With that, the acclaimed drama goes on hiatus, returning Feb. 12 with “Nebraska,” the first of the final six episodes of the season. Whether those 6 million viewers will return with it of course remains to be seen.


  • Spencer Goldade

    Since they didn’t leave a cliffhanger and tied everything up for the most part, I think they may lose even more viewers by the continuation of the season in February.  The preview of next season during Hell On Wheels, where it was just them arguing about whether or not Hershel knew what they discovered or not was pretty weak.  It was a predictable event for the coming season, not something that entices me to watch for more.

  • Redsparrowstudios

    Totally agree with the slow and frustrating season comment. I still loved it, but it felt like a lot of the same material each week with not a whole lot happening. I did love that the finale tied things up but I thought the first season had better pacing.

  • Skott Jimenez

    Slow and frustrating? I don’t get that at all. It was moving at a nice pace, the only thing that bothered me was the Sophia thing going on for so long. 

  • Shane

    This season has been top-notch. I love that they are giving these characters some time to develop. I’ll take a “slow-moving” season over the ridiculousness of the CDC and the old folks’ home in season one.

  • Anonymous

    Easily the best episode of this season imo which has simply been boring.  Shane’s been the only thing keeping me in it honestly.

  • Anonymous

    The Sophia thing going on for so long is an example of it being slow…

  • Rick69g

    I agree with everything Redsparrow says.  Now, if they follow the beats from the book that they said they were going to,  I see them leaving soon when the season resumes, with perhaps the season ending with them excitedly finding the prison as the camera pulls back to show what awaits them.  Season 3 would bring in the Governor with the mid-season cliffhanger being what the Governor does to Rick.  End of Season 3 could be the end of the Governor story if they are willing to take it that far.

  • RunnerX13

    Honestly, if we didn’t get closure on Sofia now, I’m not too sure I would return next year.  As it is, WD doesn’t take precedent over HBO series.

  • Anonymous

    For the most part, I thought the season was a bit slow. The Sofia storyline drug on way too long, and I feel like episodes passed where absolutely nothing happened, but the last episode, WOW we enjoyed it. We FINALLY got to see what happened with Sofia, even though it was expected for her to be a walker, but the fact that she was sitting in the bard was shocking. Did they bring her in before the group showed up or sometimes after but never mentioned because they didn’t want them to know about the barn? It was just crazy, this mid season finale was much better than the season finale of season 1. We’ve been in love with this show and watching it with our DISH Network services, free HD for life is a huge bonus. Actually, I learned about this show last season from work at DISH, I’m glad I decided to check it out. Can never go wrong with Zombie shows!

  • Spencer Goldade

    Oh, I agree about the Sofia part.  I think that should of been tied up 3 episodes ago.  I’m still boggled they’re making such major changes from the book like that, although many have been enjoyable.  However, I think they need some sort of hook for people to come back for.  Right now it’s more open ended.  Sure, we’ve seen Shane lose himself even more and have confrontation with Dale, Glen and Maggie form a relationship, but that isn’t really a big enough hook- that feels more like logical character progression.  Show us a problem and then tease us that it’s resolved next half season in some way.  It seems like a logical TV formula.

  • Jesse,

    OT: You know, I’m getting really sick of these “mid-season finales.” It’s not a finale – it’s episode seven. Semantics sure, until you realize that this wasn’t even an issue until the goddamned writer’s strike in 2007. I don’t care what part of the year it comes on. I just want to watch the whole thing at once. Or at least staggered in weeks instead of months.

    And On-Topic: Others are right and have said it; the pacing is slow enough to put you to sleep. You would think George R. R. Martin was writing this show.

  • Jesse,

    Does it hurt…contradicting yourself in the same breath?

  • RunnerX13

    True, but I can’t fault them for trying to go against formulaic story telling.