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Hugo’s Asa Butterfield Officially Beginning Ender’s Game

After being offered the role a few weeks back, Asa Butterfield has officially accepted the lead in Gavin Hood’s big-screen adaptation of Ender’s Game, Variety reports. The star of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo will portray Andrew “Ender” Wiggins, a boy with a brilliant tactical mind who will help save the Earth from alien invaders.

The piece also notes that the next big shoes to fill will be those of Colonel Hyrum Grff, commander of training for the International Fleet. Talks with Viggo Mortensen fell through, so now the studio is looking at another group of veteran actors that includes Harrison Ford.

Ford would offer some real star power to a project that already has some heat on it thanks to the legions of fans who love Orson Scott Card’s sci-fi series. Will Ford return to the world of epic space operas? Time, and of course the Internet, will tell.


  • Chastmastr

    Since Card’s turned into a hateful homophobe in recent years, much as I enjoyed the book years ago, I won’t be seeing this no matter who’s involved.

  • demoncat_4

    given how long its taken enders game to be made and a cue it would be to have Harrison on board. i will be passing on the film mostly to not put any cash in cards pocket for can not see a movie based on something written by a guy who endorsed over throwing the government if gay people were finaly allowed to marry nation wide.

  • pDUB

    yeah, I remember that really pissed me off when I read Card’s homophobic essay, but I re-read the ender series recently and I realized I’m still a huge fan of his work, though I have stronger and less kind words to say about his character.
    The point being that his storytelling and books in general are still top-notch and something to be enjoyed.