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Supernatural Plots the Return of Misha Collins as ‘New’ Castiel

When Supernatural viewers last saw Castiel, the childlike angel turned vengeful god had disappeared into a reservoir during the season premiere, leaving only his signature trench coat behind. However, as you might have guessed, it takes more than possession by the primordial entities the Leviathans to keep the fan-favorite character away.

TVLine reports that Misha Collins, who has played Castiel since 2008, will return to The CW drama for the season’s 17th episode, and at least two additional episodes. However, he won’t necessarily be the angel we all know and love.

“I can confirm that the character of Castiel is returning to Supernatural,” Collins told AOL TV. “I’m not supposed to talk about any details, but I will tell you this: The character is coming back somewhat changed. I’m not going to tell you everything, but I will tell you that the ‘new’ Castiel no longer wears undergarments.”

So does that mean Collins will be Castiel’s human vessel Jimmy Novak, or a sharp-toothed Leviathan in that body? The actor wouldn’t say.

Supernatural‘s heart-wrenching midseason finale aired last week. The series returns with new episodes on Jan. 6.


  • Fdfg

    love this show!

  • matt

    I would love to see a supernatural movie, I always felt like if given even a smidge more budget that the show would actually have the guys fighting some cool looking bad guys as apposed to every enemy they face has to be an actual bad guy inside of a human body. After awhile it starts to feel like a cop out that everything uses humans as cars. I just want an episode where they are fighting like a 2 story tall 6 headed something or other. I imagine if the show did a story line about 4 story tall aliens invading earth that the writers would find a way to force those aliens to be inside of humans, why? because it flagrantly cuts down on production costs…

  • mckaila wolsborn

    i hope collins comes back!!!

  • knivesinwest11

    no cas, no bobby. not good.

  • write light

    Sam, Dean, good.