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Michael Bay Rumored to Return for Fourth Transformers Movie

Despite all earlier indications that Dark of the Moon would be Michael Bay’s final Transformers movie, the director apparently wants to return for a fourth. But he also wants to get a pet project called Pain and Gain off the ground. So what’s a studio to do?

If Paramount Pictures wants the explosive filmmaker to return to the Hasbro toy-based franchise, it will most likely make a deal for Pain to secure the director for the big-budget bot movie, Vulture reports.

While nothing has been signed just yet, the site’s sources do say they’re not far from figuring out the deal. Pain and Gain is a film based on a real-life group of bodybuilders that kidnapped a businessman only to have him hire a private investigator to track them down after the assault.

Compared to the effects-heavy Transformers franchise, the film — based on a three-part story that appeared in Miami New Times in 1999 — will not take very long to film. The idea is that Bay can quickly film Pain and then move right over to prepping the fourth installment of Transformers. Official word of the deal is expected as soon as next week.

Update: Bay has now commented, writing early this morning: “Studio’s are passing rumors but I’m not sure what I’m doing? I know I’m going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that’s it for right now. I’m leaving all my options on the table. I’ve got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks.”


  • Michael

    Set it in the future, focus it on Spike… er, “Sam”‘s and Carly’s son, and introduce the Headmasters, Rodimus Prime, Metroplex, Galvatron, etc (in the original toon, that future was now our past of 2005, heh).

  • pDUB

    how about shia lebouf dies in the first 5 minutes, and i will watch it.

  • Arthur Marcus

    This franchise is hungry for greatness.

  • Patrick Keely

    I could really care less if Michael Bay comes back.  I would like for someone else to take over, like Kenneth Branagh.  The property would be treated properly and with respect. 

  • P8

    Why not? Its guaranteed cash in the bank for Hasbro. And it grows the shared Transformers sublines. There aren’t very many people that know what Hasbro’s newest Transformers show is either since its not airing on Cartoon Network.

  • Wildstorm

    Yes!  Do a G2 movie, set it in the future so we won’t have to be stuck with characters who are not even the same vehicle.

  • Madcat

    For the love of God, NO! Please no, not again…he’s raped my childhood more than the Penn State coaching staff!

  • Ken

    I really enjoyed Transformers 3, but there was really no need for the Sam Witwicky character in it. If a fourth only follows the military characters, I’d be much more interested. As much as I’d like Michael Bay to return, I’d much rather see Bad Boys III.

  • Donald

    I would like to see the story set in the future for the next trilogy. Spike and Carly have a son, the storyline will be more depth, no silly humor, and new characters be added to the cast. I was hoping if adding one of TF comic book writers such as Simon Furman, James Roberts or whomever is available to team with Ehren Kruger should give a better script and story.

  • Mmdock123

    The first one was passible
    The second one was laughable
    The third one made go . . . huh?

  • Mailtomilad


    jesus, atleast snyder stayed true to the basics,  give the movie to someone else for god’s sake.

  • Wmdrive

    I know everybody be hatin (and believe me I’m a hater as well at one point in time) but this really isn’t a bad thing. More cash for the Transformers franchise means more opportunities for the parts of the brand to expand. And we know the movie is the biggest cash cow for Transformers. Hasbro doesn’t have any faith in the original G1 series. A movie based on G1 (or any other era of Transformers for that matter) would bomb. They also won’t make a new show based on G1 knowing fully will it wouldn’t suceed. So offer new takes on Transformers every few years.