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Evil Dead Remake Details Rise Up

Joss Whedon’s not the only one with a movie about a cabin coming up. There’s also a little movie called Evil Dead getting the remake treatment, thanks to Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures, director Fede Alvarez and rewriter Diablo Cody (Juno, Young Adult).

Moviehole scored a lot of spoilery details about the remake that we will get into, so consider yourself warned.

Unlike previous installments of the Evil Dead franchise, this one is Ash-less, but more importantly, it’s a lot more serious. One of the lead characters not only just sat with her mother as she died in the hospital, but also has a drug problem that she decides to kick while in a remote cabin in the woods. There’s still the Book of the Dead, which gets discovered and partially transcribed, meaning the demons are on the loose. They target Mia because she’s the weakest and also because her friends will assume that she’s just bugging out from detox. Follow the link above for even more details.

In less-spoilery news, the movie is apparently being shot in the New Zealand locale where Yogi Bear was filmed, so there might be a sense of deja vu. The Evil Dead remake is set for release in March 2013.


  • Michael

    Man, you wasted that joke. It’s “a sense of deja Boo-boo”

  • okayaxis

    This will be fantastic!  Cuz when i think Evil Dead, i think Diablo Cody.  good lord……

  • Anonymous

    Evil Dead without Bruce is blasphemy!

  • Brannahdel

    No Ash…. no interest. He made that movie what it was.