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Operation Early Bird Continues Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign

The legend of Dr. Leonid Pavel continues to grow. Earlier this week a few fictional documents were released explaining that the character played by Alon Abotabul in The Dark Knight Rises is a nuclear physicist looking for extradition to America with the help of an undisclosed militia.

But, as you might expect, that’s not all. Yesterday Fire Rises, a Twitter account that’s posted all kinds of Dark Knight Rises links in the past, sent out a simple message with the “firerises” hashtag and the supposed CIA file image to the right. As you can see, this continues the story of Pavel, stating that Operative FO439 will be leading the team to extradite the scientist. The document even goes so far as to name the mission Operation Early Bird.

An online search for “Operation Early Bird” uncovers, a website featuring a countdown clock ticking down to 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. Keep your eyes peeled to see what happens there. This might be the first official wide-release footage from the film, if it turns out to feature video.

In the meantime, check out Comic Book Resources’ report from the special screening of the opening sequence of The Dark Knight Rises, which will be shown in select IMAX theaters with Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

Opening July 20, director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Tom Hardy as Bane, Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

UPDATE: As visitors to may have discovered — at least if heavy traffic hasn’t brought down the website — the clock ticked down to map showing locations in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom for special advance screenings on Tuesday of The Dark Knight Rises prologue. Fans must register through for their passes.


  • Alans68

    I watched count down to 0…then I saw “Webpage Not Available.”  Gee, thanks a LOT.

  • Justin Maisonet

    Yep, same here…did we break it??

  • Landonodonnell

    check out the main site

  • Jasque101478

    Yup. 10 minutes later, still nothing.

    Hmm, you know this goes a long ways toward dissipating all the hate this movie has already attracted…

  • bmanfan

    hey go to the offical website, swear i just took a guess take it out!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bmanfan

    post me back that you checked it out!!!!

  • Bmanfan

    check what i said!!!

  • Anonymous

    The main site is saying a bunch of numbers, then a nursery rhyme jingle…..not loading. WTF

  • Scott Marvel

    its the places you can see it

  • Bmanfan

    thats what i said, as soon as it went blank 16 mins ago i went straight to the main site, FIRST!!!!!!!

  • Khandor Man is a map showing where the prologue is playing at IMAX theaters. There’s a space at the bottom that says “Enter Coordinates” and a “Submit” button. I haven’t done anything on that bottom level yet, but when I first went there, it just showed the counter-clock all at 0. I then refreshed the page and it became the map.

  • Jay

    it’s a map with lists of advanced screenings of Mission Impossible so you can watch the DKR trailer.

  • CJ3

    It looks like the dots represent the locations of the theatres that will show the 8 minute preview in the Imax screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  Eh nice gimmick, I was hoping for more.

  • Bmanfan

    its thats it thats fuckn lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sure we coulda got something more than what we already knew

  • Chuck

    It doesn’t let you submit the coordinates and I even know the exact coordinate points for one of the dots

  • Jeo393

    world map, with blue dot points that give a future date/time?!?!?!?

  • Jdh041

    There is a series of numbers being read from the Dark Knight Rises main website. Possibly coordinates? 

  • Caen2911

    at is a streaming audio of random coordinates. you plug those into the map where it says “enter coordinates”, and… i don’t know. nothing seems to happen.