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George Lucas Still Searching for MacGuffin of Indiana Jones 5

A recent Entertainment Weekly issue had a huge interview with auteur Steven Spielberg in which he reiterated the story for Indiana Jones 5 was being worked on by George Lucas. Spielberg made it sound as if his collaborator was really close to having the whole thing together, but Vulture caught up with the director and got a different story.

“Actually, I told him I didn’t have it yet,” Lucas said. “I told him about the story, but I really haven’t found the MacGuffin yet. I mean, I know what it’s about, but I just have to find a MacGuffin that fits into the arena we’re working in.”

Alfred Hitchcock popularized the term “MacGuffin,” which roughly translates into “the thing various characters or parties want to obtain, to the point where they may shoot others or risk getting shot at.” In the Indiana Jones movies, MacGuffins have been everything from the Ark of the Covenant and ancient stones to the Holy Grail and crystal skulls. Considering many fans’ dislike of the latest Indy movie, maybe it’s a good idea that Lucas is taking his time to really nail down the sought after artifact.


  • Derek

    They should look for the nuclear-proof fridge.

  • Randy Watson

    Fucking Altantis if you HAVE to do another one.

  • Mythos

    I vote for “Indiana Jones and the Unaltered Star Wars Original Trilogy”.

  • Bah

    The MacGuffin…an original idea for a movie?

  • Briguyx

    The Fountain Of Youth. They could always replace Ford with another actor in the end!

  • Excelsior

    Indiana Jones and the Viagra of Strength

    Indiana Jones and the McMuffin McGuffin

    Indiana Jones MILF hunter

  • David B.

    Indiana Jones and the Long Lost Star Wars Holiday Special

  • Big_H

    What about the Spear that pierced Jesus’s side?

  • Brodieman

    As long as Shia Le Puff is out of the picture, I’m definitely in. 

  • Lord Prong

    Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Magic Hip Replacement Surgery?
    Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Pharmacy – The Quest for the Magical Viagra?
    Indiana Jones: I’m Too Old for this Shit!!
    Indiana Jones: Please turn me over, the bed sores are hurting!!
    Indiana Jones: What was I Thinking Marrying Marion Ravenwood – I Used to Get Hot Chicks In All My Movies!!!
    Indian Jones: The Quest for a Retroactive Mutt Abortion!!

  • FuzzMcG

    Use the Spear of Destiny, George! Ties into previous films (Holy Grail, Arc) and Nazi/Soviet occultists and all that stuff.

  • RG

    How do the creators of the Uncharted video games come up with superior MacGuffins every couple years and it takes Lucas twenty to come up with crystal skulls?

  • RunnerX13

    Indiana Jone 5, and the Search for More Money.

  • Patrick Keely

    Spear of Destiny would have worked better with the Nazis because they really did search for it, but I could see this working because the Russians would want to be able to beat America in the Cold War.

  • heidi

    I know this may sounds crazy but why not make indiana jones 5 about some form of historical discovery found  out in the antartica! I know both directors could come up with something pretty clever!   Heidi