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Mark Neveldine Wants Idris Elba, and His Gravitas, for Crank 3

Idris Elba in "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance"

With Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance pulling into theaters in February, directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are looking ahead to the third installment of their Crank action franchise — and they’d love to bring Idris Elba along for the ride.

Talking with Empire, Neveldine praised Elba’s performance in Ghost Rider, saying, “He’s got great control of his body. You don’t expect that from someone who is such a great actor, who has that sort of gravitas that Idris has, but he was hopping on his motorcycle no problem … just the way he moves with a gun, when he walks, it feels like an action scene. Same thing with Jason [Statham], those guys turn their head and it’s an action scene.”

That naturally turned the conversation to Crank 3, which Neveldine assured “is going to happen, the studios are really excited about it – it’s just all about timing.” So, might there be a role for Elba?

“I would LOVE that!” the director said. “Actually, we joking-but-not-quite-jokingly joked about that with Idris while we were over in Romania and Turkey. Just trying to figure out a way of getting him into Crank 3. There are so many different ways that Crank 3 could go. We’ve been talking about the top 50 ideas we what to do for Crank 3, so we’re just trying to pair them down.”


  • ATK

    Top 50 Ideas for Crank 3? You mean it’s not going to involve Jason Statum running around trying to prevent his inevitable death? Ohhhhh, you mean the Maguffin, got ya.