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Patton Oswalt Booted for Texting in Funny Alamo Drafthouse PSA

Alamo Drafthouse generated a lot of buzz over the summer with its use of a profanity-laced customer message for “Angry Voicemail,” a PSA touting its strict no-texting policy. Now the cinema chain is at it again, with some help from director Jason Reitman and actor-comedian Patton Oswalt, who shot a parody while at a screening of Young Adult at Alamo South Lamar.


  • Mr. M

    That is terrific! Kinda hard to believe that’s a real voice message, though…sounds like the guy is standing in front of a microphone.

  • Magnusjragnarok

    Umm, that was Patton Oswalt, the comedian, playing the role of the jerkwad texter. This way, they could promote it in a more comedic fashion, without fear of reprisal for using the real voice of the silly cunt who left the message.

  • Mr. M

    Ahhhhh…got it!  The words “actual voicemail” threw me off.

  • fred

    what a bunch of bullshit

  • Nolan

    they did play the actual voicemail for awhile. it was pretty amazing. i love the alamo drafthouse!