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Adam Scott Hopes Party Down Movie Will Shoot This Summer

Starz scored a cult hit when it gave Party Down a go back in 2009. The series, which centered on a group of mostly aspiring actors and writers working their days jobs as caterers for Hollywood parties, starred Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Jane Lynch (Glee), Ken Marino (The State), Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars), Martin Starr (Freaks & Geeks), Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls) and later Megan Mullalley (Will & Grace).

The show was canceled last year after 20 episodes, but word of a film has been circulating ever since. Grantland caught up with Scott on the set of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, where the actor said, “We have a treatment and if everyone’s schedules work out, we’ll shoot it over the summer.” This jibes with what Scott said in an interview last month on the WTF Podcast. Production is just waiting on Starz to greenlight everything and the cast members to work out the schedule.


  • Joe

    Awesome news. Excellent show with an unreal cast.

  • MightyJoe

    Great characters and great writing. Loved this show.

  • Gpoli

    YES! we are finally having fun!!

  • Faust

    Sounds great! Lets hope a Veronica Mars movie is next! :)

  • boomboomvondoom


  • Melinda Kavanaugh

    Oh god I hope this happens. I can’t stand anymore “Arrested Development” style heartache. Party Down is awesome, I can’t tell enough people. Just look at the talented cast they have and who was involved in its creation.