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Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Originally Had an Even Freakier Green Goblin

As jarring and, I don’t know, Power Rangers-esque as the armored Green Goblin was in Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man, always remember: It could’ve been far worse — and far more disturbing. How much more disturbing, you ask? Well, read on.

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. has uploaded a screen test for the original Green Goblin makeup, obviously intended to closer resemble the comic-book version of the villain — he even has the trademark purple hat-thing — and the results are terrifying. It’s like something from a Julie Taymor fever dream.

Raimi can be heard off-camera, giving an unending string of instructions to the unnamed actor attempting to emote under the mask. Thankfully, the result apparently wasn’t to the director’s satisfaction. Still, those soulless yellow eyes will haunt me …

(via Comic Book Movie)


  • Michael E. Higgins

    i think they modeled the chin after bruce campbell

  • Anonymous

    That masks looks great and should have been used. Much more preferable to the travesty that was unleashed upon us.

  • Rod G

    To me, without the purple tunic, gloves and boots, the movie Goblin looked naked.

  • Tae

    Thankfully? this would have been WAY better. Tokyo Pop Goblin blew.

  • Matthew Sourwine

    I actually kinda prefer the test makeup than that sort of robotic green goblin flight suit thing we were given in the movie. Very cool footage. 

  • ziza9

    Not a fan of metal suit Goblin, but that test footage looks schlocky 70’s C-movie bad. That would have been taken even less seriously.

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome and is FAR more the Green Goblin than the POS we got.

  • nailsin


  • Alejandro Landazuri

    It looks like Willem Dafoe.

  • Bealsebub

    Clearly Kevin Meleose is a moron. This is WAY more awesome than the shit that we ended up up with in the movies. Green Goblin SHOULD be frightening and horrifying. He’s Spidey’s Joker.

  • Michael Yarbro

    I like this better. I doubt the cap he is wearing was intended to be final.  

  • Rev691

    why didn’t they use this one, again?

  • Norm

    i LIKE IT

  • Nycguy616

    this would have been better,,,,that is a scary face!!!!all they had to do was fix the purple hat part, make it fit better…and it would have been good.

  • Davidvarient

    This is by far So much better than what ultimately ended up on the screen!

  • LowBrowMedia

    Almost as scary as Macy Gray.

  • Nataniel Costard

    That is wonderful! I wonder what happened… I smell a suit making important decisions…

  • Brian White

    What do you mean it could have been far worse?  That would have been unbelievably great!

  • Robin in Alaska

    This would have been awesome. Oh man, that mask would have lent so much to the film and the character. Just fantastic.

  • nik

    I thought the final product was pretty good but this is awesome.  Wish they’d stuck with it.

  • Krakenattack

    I would of preferred they go with something more simplistic: a cheap green troll/goblin mask that looks like Norman bought it from Spencer’s and an old torn purple cloak.

  • Lord Prong

    You had me at “Kevin Melrose is a moron…”

  • geoff kl

    looks like alex ross’ character design from marvels

    they shoulda stuck with it.

    need an explanation of why osborne fashioned the mask? have his hallucinations include his childhood fear….goblins

    so he becomes what he fears to destroy those who have taken away his company

  • Geo

    Umm, that is Bruce under the mask.

  • Omegasaga

    Anyone who thinks that the power ranger we got in 2002s spiderman was better than THIS youtube- is nuts!

    I cant beleive how awsome this is ( coulda been)

    Here is hoping that in AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 we get THIS version of the Green Goblin..

  • Max

    Wow, disturbing is the right word. I honestly don’t dislike the “power rangier” Goblin version, but may this one make up is amazing.

  • Demon_star2002

    “Raimi can be heard off-camera, giving an unending string of instructions
    to the unnamed actor attempting to emote under the mask.”

  • Geo

    Sorry you missed it, I was just kidding.

  • RunnerX13

    My exact thoughts; I can’t figure out why this article talks as if this would have been worse.

  • RunnerX13

    Did McMillan write this?

  • Mak

    Whoa… Seriously? This was kinda of Awesome… If they ever bring back the Goblin this HAS to be his look. Raimi messed up when he tossed this away.

  • Alex

    Much better. Like the book.