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Terra Nova Locks Down Stars as Fox Mulls Second Season

With Monday’s status quo-changing season finale scoring solid, but far from spectacular ratings — a 2.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 7.2 million viewers — a question mark hangs over the future of Fox’s prehistoric drama Terra Nova.

While there’s been no announcement about Season 2, it’s thought a decision must be made by late January to start the wheels turning on the elaborate production. Still, we may be able to divine the show’s fate in the move to re-sign stars Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang, whose options were set to expire Dec. 31.

According to Deadline, the network and 20th Century Fox TV, which produces Terra Nova, are also searching for “high-level writers” to join executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria in an effort to “elevate the show.”

While neither of those actions is a conclusive indication that Terra Nova will head back into production in April, the odds of a second season are looking pretty good.


  • Aelbein

    Elevate the show? Thank god. If there was ever a show that needed elevating, this is it.

  • mdk

    Fox needs it so they can cancel the excellent Fringe (the ratings of which, oddly, they seemingly purposely they killed by moving it to the Friday Death Slot) yet still maintain they are “dedicated to producing genre shows”.  Then, three episodes into the next season, they’ll cancel it.  I’m just making wild guesses here, of course, but this is Fox we’re talking about and this is their usual M.O. when it comes to genre shows.

  • Rr

    this has got to be bullshit, of course there has to be a season 2, they ended it like there was going to be more continued 

  • Dahauk

    Frankly I can do without anymore Terra Nova. Sad when the best thing about the program was the opening theme, which they’ve shortened to a few seconds long now.

  • Xbox


  • Brian Saunders

    bullshit my ass. its fantasy. dont judge this show by the gaping plot holes. u make a better show so shut up

  • Jeschmierer

    I really enjoy the show and hope that Season 2 is a sure thing.

  • Kjsefn

    Besttttt show!!!

  • John

    How can this get a second series and firefly get cancelled WTF!

  • terra nova lover

    your an idiot. this show is awesome go to hell

  • l9nda creamer

    Star Trek, was nearly cancelled, after it” first season. Give Terra Nova, a chance at another season, Nobody asked me if I watched it. I looked forward to the next episode & now the next season.

  • Pixelperfectfoto

    once again a good show faces getting cut because the networks kill anything that isn’t mindless reality tv.

  • Ebleete

    I have to see season 2 its a creative show, original…  Its a great scenario comparing greed/corruption in present day earth, to show a second beginning.   Its fantasy, me and my 3 kids
    look forward to each show, its so original we have no clue whats going to happen…  I hope they
    continue the fantasy….  We can’t wait……

  • Matthew Crosman

    Terra Nova and Pan Am are the only two shows that interest me.  Not only do I watch, but I purchase the shows on iTunes.  Come on Fox, let’s keep this one going!

  • DF

    I hope there is a second season because the season finale was awesome imo. Yes, most of the season was so-so, but they really kicked things into high gear with the finale. And the new mystery they introduced is very interesting. I do hope they bring in some “high-level” writers to help the show out. I think most of the actors are pretty good in the show (Jason O’Mara especially). Though I do think maybe they could get rid of the main character’s son. lol. Annoying character. Either that or write him better. Make him less of the whiny teenage boy cliche’ that finds its way into a lot of sci-fi shows…

    Anyway, I think a second season, with some of the mysteries the finale setup, plus better writing could be really amazing. Lets see the show take a lot of chances. Kill characters off, introduce new characters, explore some interesting plot developments, maybe show more dinos…

    Season 1 seemed like setup for what could be a cool show. I hope it happens.

  • Ron_ficiak

    i Loved terra ova and hope it comesack for a season 2 the action scenes are well done and the actors did a great job.

  • Cathy Couch

     If you don’t like the show don’t watch and DON’T bash. Your a bad apple ruining the batch.

  • Cathy Couch

    My family and friends want a 2nd season. I’ll even order from the stupid commercials I loth to watch if you just make the decision that you know most of Americans want. 2nd Season…2nd Season…2nd Season!!!!