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Buffy Reboot Stalks New Writer

It’s been more than a year since Warner Bros. drew jeers from fans of Joss Whedon by announcing plans to remake the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie without the involvement of the writer. Since then, except for the occasional dismissive quote from the cast of the television series, it’s been pretty quiet on the Sunnydale front. And now, thanks to the Los Angeles Times, we may know why.

Citing “two sources close to the project,” the newspaper reports the studio rejected the script submitted over the summer by screenwriter Whit Anderson, whose concept for the reboot was described last year as “pretty compelling and a lot of fun.” But this morning on Twitter, LA Times writer Geoff Boucher said her draft is now being called “unworkable.”

Buffy is apparently now in limbo as Warner Bros. and Atlas Entertainment search for a new writer, news that will likely be met with cheers from Whedon devotees.


  • Tae

    Bummer. Getting back to the roots of the movie could have made it good again.

  • Dark Spark

    The movie sucked even Joss himself said it wasn’t what he wanted it to be the producers turned it in to what it ended up being. The show was what he wanted and eventually got. If they do reboot they need to freshen up the concept at this point its beyond played out.

  • TacoKid

    Someone do me a favor and reboot movie reboots.

  • RunnerX13

    “Not Another Reboot Movie”

  • Faust

    yeah, this could be fun getting a new back to basics Buffy!

    As long as its not made into a Twilight movie!

  • Carparts

    The people trying to make this movie seem very stupid.  Since Buffy in any form has been gone from TV for several years, do they really think the name alone will bring in that many viewers?  If they make a new Buffy movie without Whedon, tons of people will just get mad.  Why not just change the main character’s name and make a whole new movie of it?  Buffy belongs to Whedon.  A hot chick killing vampires is not owned by Whedon.  Just make it Sally the Vampire Slayer or something.  Dump the stigma of ripping off Whedon’s old work and make a cool movie about a girl killing monsters.

  • buffy fan

    come on joss get it done and the cast of the series