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Amazing Spider-Man Delivers New Stills of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy

With six months until the release of the franchise reboot, Columbia Pictures continues to parcel out stills from The Amazing Spider-Man, this time with new images of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. If the latter shot looks a little familiar, it’s because similar photos leaked from the movie’s set more than a year ago.

Billed as “the untold story” of Peter Parker, the Marc Webb-directed film also stars Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary, Chris Zylka, Campbell Scott, C. Thomas Howell, Embeth Davidtz and Annie Parisse. The Amazing Spider-Man opens on July 3.


  • Kaniole

    Peter Parker with a Ramones T-shirt.
    mmnop, I don’t think so.

  • ABC

    Agreed. Plus, Pete looks way too old.

  • Nas Hoosen

    @357a20e8c56e69d6f9734d23ef9517e8:disqus That’s cos he’s played by a guy in his 20s, like every other teenager in Hollywood movies.@b52f304e6a8a43b76d5cd6d7cc274a3c:disqus Peter Parker can like the Ramones, can’t he?

  • Louis Murphy

    Why does Peter Parker look like a hobo?

  • Jmacdougall

    I think so. Peter was a geek.

  • Codeydauchart

    it’s prolly an homage to the ramones since they sang the spiderman theme song before

  • Kaniole

    You are right, probably is an homage to the ramones SM song…
    Anyway, I guess that Peter can like the Ramones, but he is not a grunge/rockstar style guy…

    I imagine Peter Parker clothes closer to Sheldon Cooper than this John Connor style.

    Anyway I’m really interested in see this movie, and hoping the best for all the poeple working on it and us the fans!!

  • Leewan17

    Emo spider-man


  • +10 Charisma

    The Amazing Spider-Hipster! He does look a bit too “hip” for Peter Parker (another scan had him holding a skateboard) which to me is kind of a mistake. It takes away from the relatability factor and his more endearing qualities but it doesn’t mean the movie won’t be good. I mean, Emma Stone is in it, right?

    And I think the Ramones t-shirt is just a reference to that time they covered the theme song.

  • Paul Allen

    I agree. Unless the story takes place in the late ’70s, it makes him too much of a hipster. Now, Devo, Talking Heads, or They Might Be Giants? Those I could see.

  • Mdksun1

    Hipster-Sockhed Parker.  Uhm, no, no thanks, I’ll pass.  But then, super-cute Gwen… Okay, I’ll catch it on cable.

  • kalorama

    How is a teenager in this decade liking the Heads  any less “hipster” than liking the Ramones? That makes no sense at all.

  • kalorama

    These “hipster” comments kill me. You people do realize it’s a story set in modern times, right? That’s one of the ways that teenagers of all interests dress.  Would you prefer he wear a sweater vest and a flat top a la Ditko? Just because he’s an introverted geek doesn’t mean he has to dress like Urkel.

  • Juan

    He really doesn’t look older than any normal high school student.

  • Tomviencek

    Actually Pete’s from the same neiborhood in Queen’s in which a few of the Ramones hail from. If anything it’s a nice nod to hometown pride and attention to detail.

  • Savonti

    While I can’t even pretend to have any idea how teenagers dress, I do think they could have gone for something a little more timeless. I look at Ultimate Spider-Man (I just started re-reading it) and there Peter is in T-shirt and jeans. From my perspective he looks like some little douchebag punk that I’d catch sitting on my car or doing some sort of skateboard “thing” outside a Starbucks. 

    Peter Parker was an introverted geek, that kid looks like he’s selling drugs. He doesn’t look like a good kid and while I’m going to see the movie and I do hope it does well, I can’t help but feel that any version of Peter Parker that I consider calling the cops on is a misstep.

  • Reth Sogen

    I liked the Ramones as a teenager, and I wasn’t a hipster.  If they go with a “hipper” Uncle Ben, I could easily see him having Peter listen to Ramones records when he was a kid.

  • John B.

    They are trying to make this reboot about a teenage Peter Parker in his high school days. Andrew Garfield is 28 years old. Tobey Maguire was 26 when Spider-Man was released and 25 when it was made. Garfield may be able to pull off being a teen in this film, but he’ll be at least 30 by the time they start filming a sequel.

    Maybe the moving ends with Spider-Man accidentally freezing the world. Then in 2 years, when the sequel comes out, he’ll unfreeze the world and finish High School. 

  • Jacob Stebel

    Gah! Peter Parker is supposed to be a bookish nerd, not a hipster. :(

  • drhiphop85

    Like he’s selling drugs? I’m not sure if you have a proper idea on who does drugs in middle America and who sells them. But there is no drug-dealers uniform, sorry to dispel your illusion of reality.

    And the poster above you is correct, teenager dress just about the same regardless of interest. There are some variation along socio-economic and racial/ethnic boundaries. But “nerds” don’t wear sweater vest anymore, in actuality a hipster or fashion-forward person would probably dress in something like that.

  • Guest

    1) Bookish nerds and hipsters cross over a lot.
    2) This movie is not made for anyone who would be complaining about this, so don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  • Alex

    The First Picture: “You don’t understand me! I’M TORTURED!!!”

  • Jacob

    Wait, that’s what the notorious internet hipster looks like (truth told, I never got the hipster thing)? He looks normal. He’s got a jacket and a hat on. A shirt featuring a band he likes. What about that makes him a hipster?

  • Richie

    The Ramones are in the rock n roll hall of fame… Sure they’re punk as can be, but they’re still a major classic. As it should be. And another thing about the current state of affairs “indie rock” etc. is now the mainstream, this kind of thing happens. I have no problem seeing Peter in a Ramones tee. Thumbs up even. He’s an outsider, a pariah. Heck Joey Ramone looks like a fricken’ spider ! And they’re a Queens, NYC band— DUH !!

  • ALE

    I believe it’s an “easter egg” for the Ramones Spider-Man Theme Song and not so as to show Peter Parkers character :D

  • Bob Reynolds

    Should be wearing a Smiths tee shirt – guilt and longing fit spidey hand in glove.

  • Retarded Hipster Geek

    So, what, geeks only listen to “geek music”? That’s retarded.

  • Blonde Redhead

    So far they’ve cast 2 redheads to play a blonde Gwen Stacy and a blonde to play Mary Jane, a redhead. Hollywood is stupid. And yes, I know hair colour shouldn’t matter over acting ability, but sometimes it takes you out of the moment. Did anyone really buy Jessica Alba as Sue Storm? She looked about as naturally blonde as RuPaul.

  • Happily LS

    It’s a crime to dye a natural redhead’s hair another color.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Yeah, except that Emma Stone is a natural blonde.  So does that mean that you are ‘back in the moment’ or just that you were going on about something silly?

  • Boomer

    I guess Peter should only wear Weezer shirts according to these people. Haha.

  • Sean Serpa

    Regardless of the last ten comments, I’m still excited. Amazing Spider-man looks like a dark adaptation, and I stress adaptation because from what i’ve seen it is loosely based and not so much like the Spiderman films that were relative to the origin. Garfield looks more modern geek than geeky geek, and yeah, maybe a little disheveled. He has me won over, thumbs up and all. 

  • Paperpanic

    Also the Ramones did this cover for the spiderman cartoon:

  • Savonti

    I’m not sure who you are arguing with. I didn’t tell the above poster they were wrong, I didn’t even mention the sweater vest and I was pretty clear that I have no idea how kids dress these days.
    As far as the drug issue, you’re right on that too. I’m an adult, I pay my takes, go to work on time and have a family of my own I have no idea about all that anymore. I do know that (and it may just be the angle presented) that this kid looks high. I wouldn’t let that guy go out with my daughter and while we won’t know a thing about how this movie will turn out, I do know that Peter Parker has never been the sort of character that you’d worry about around your daughter.