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Stop-Loss Director to Helm Carrie

One of the classic explanations for a remake of a well-regarded adaptation of a book is to claim the new movie will be more in keeping with the source material. That’s the reasoning MGM and Screen Gems give for the new version of Carrie, featuring a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Big Love). If the studio has its way, Kimberly Peirce will sit in the director’s chair, Heat Vision reports. Peirce may be best known for directing 1999’s Boys Don’t Cry, but she also helmed 2008’s Stop-Loss.

Stephen King’s novel, his first to be published in 1974, has not only been made into the 1976 horror classic directed by Brian De Palma, but also a short-lived stage musical in the 1980s and a TV movie in 2002. The story follows a young woman who gains telekinetic powers while going through puberty who uses her newfound abilities to exact revenge on the bullies who picked on her in school.


  • Kdgr07

    Yet another remake. 

  • Jean Cruz

    Why do we need another Carrie movie? Why? It defies logic to even remake this movie which technically would be the second time.There was a remake in 2002 and even a sequel to the Carrie movie franchise.Next thing you know they are going to talk about a Back To The Future remake.

  • David Keith

    It should be set in the 70s. And the ending should be more like the book, where Carrie takes out a big chunk of the town along with the high school.

  • David Keith

    The Back to the Future remaking is being held up by the Godfather remake and the 2001 remake.