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NBC Chief Assures Community ‘Has Not Been Canceled’

Ending nearly two months of speculation and teeth-grinding about the midseason benching of the low-rated Community, NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt assured reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour today that the comedy “has not been canceled.” However, he was unable to say when exactly it may return this spring, or where.

“When I announced our midseason changes last fall and took Community off the schedule, I failed to explicitly say that it would be back,” TVLine quotes Greenblatt as saying. “I want to expel any notion that it is just disappearing off the schedule.”

Debuting September 2009 in the 9:30 p.m. Thursday slot, Community was quickly moved to 8 p.m., where it remained until Dec. 8, its last episode before the show was bumped off the schedule to make room for the season premiere of 30 Rock. But when the Greendale gang finally does return, it may be at a different time.

In related comedy news, Greenblatt also revealed that, despite repeated hints by Alec Baldwin that he would be leaving 30 Rock, NBC has “quietly re-upped” the actor’s contract for two more years. There’s no guarantee that the series, which kicks off its sixth season on Thursday, will be renewed, but if it is, Jack Donaghy will be there with it.


  • Nataniel Costard

    Well, I, for one, am glad. Just found out about this series two weeks ago and already watched the frist two seasons. Completely hooked.

  • DB

    They need to cancel Whitney and that new Chelsea Handler show. Community has a more loyal fanbase now than those two shows will ever have combined. 

  • Anonymous

    really? because where were they this fall? Community was the lowest rated show on NBC.

    Don’t get me wrong, I rather people were watching this over Big Bang Theory (which is at the same time, so NBC is to blame for that) but if it doesn’t have fanbase watching, then NBC isn’t going to support it.

  • Denali

    It boggles my mind that Community did not have good ratings!
    I loved this show and when I heard it was been taken off the air I was devastated;
    I thought that I would have to stick to the free episodes and clips on This show has what every likeable show has: a dysfunctional yet
    eclectic cast that is always surprising us with each episode. I watch a lot of
    TV and may be too much since I also work for DISH, but if NBC later chooses to
    never bring back Community than I am sure that another network would be happy
    to do so.

  • Kenozoic

    I’m boycotting NBC’s Thursday 8 pm timeslot until “Community” returns. I have no use for “30 Rock”, which is a bad fit for that time.

  • DB

    The fans who do watch it aren’t going anywhere and the good reviews and word of mouth are going to help the show.

    The only reason Whitney is slightly higher in the ratings is because it’s a new series and people are sampling the show to see if they like it. It’s steadily declining in the ratings and the viewers and critics are not raving about it. A second season of Whitney would get destroyed by the next season of new shows because no one will want to stick around for a second season; and Chelsea Handler’s new show looks even worse than Whitney.

  • Toneloak

    I love the show but this season they seem to reestablishing their footing as a series rather then telling a engaging story. If in the end it works and they develop a new over arching story (previous seasons being to answer the question of why their friendship matters) to drive forward the next season(s) like they had with the last 2 seasons then this show may go on forever.

    However, they do need a creative spark to keep the momentum going, otherwise and I say this as a fan, they should either put the show on hiatus and brainstorm or cancel it and start something new.

  • digital Mckracken

    i can tell you where they were… where i watch it is On-Demand (I never watch in the actual time slot) i’ve been a fan of this crazy show since 2010!! (i got hooked watching the entire first season in my buddies net-flicks Que in about a 48 hour span!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • digital Mckracken

    hey so was Star Trek and look how THAT show turned out!!!!!!

  • Russ Burlingame

    Six seasons and a movie.

  • A. Holland

    Nope. Four seasons, no movie. 

    There are only four years of college, dude!

  • Cover55555

    I love this show, but can never find it. I seriously do not believe it has been on at 8pm, cause whenever I look for it on NBC. It’s always some other thing,

  • Denali

    That first part is well said, I think the writers of Parks and Recreation did a phenomenal job of doing just this.

  • Denali

    Unfortunately there isn’t any time slot where we can find
    new episodes L

  • Toneloak

    Vote KNOPE!

  • ATK

    Love the show and hope they all get to finish their degrees, except Peirce who has no intention of finishing. Pierce your a B. That being said when it returns I hope they do not put it up againt the raiting juggernaught that is BBT, it is beyond time NBC gave the show a change to stand on it’s own, hopefully when they move it to

  • drhiphop85

    So nobody else sees this as a money grab by NBC? Just me…Oh Okay…

  • C White

    one of the smartest comedies on tv. Thats probably the reason for the low ratings. You stupid people dont like smart shows do you?