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First Clip of Erica Durance as Wonder Woman on Harry’s Law

Ahead of the midseason premiere of Harry’s Law on Wednesday, NBC has unveiled the first clip of Smallville alum Erica Durance as Wonder Woman in the David E. Kelley dramedy.

The actress, who dons the costume worn by Adrianne Palicki in the rejected Wonder Woman pilot, plays Annie Bilson, a psychologically damaged woman who retreats into the persona of the DC Comics superheroine to exact revenge on perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Durance and Kelley both have a bit of history with the comic-book character: The former Lois Lane wore a generic “Amazon princess” costume for a 2010 episode of Smallville, while the writer/producer created the doomed revival of Wonder Woman last year for NBC.

Harry’s Law airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

(via TV Guide)


  • Rob Rosenblatt

    Rachel BILSON dressed up as Wonder Woman on The OC and was apparently linked to the character when Joss Whedon was helming a movie, so that’s a nice nod.

  • mike payton

    Two thoughts: 

    Erica is smoking hot in that outfit, but if there was ever an argument to be made for putting WW in shorts it’d Erica’s body :)

    Also, dude got his butt kicked by a girl. Bad. LOL. Wussy. 

  • Lcfanofpr1

    Love her, I have been a Lynda Carter fan all my life and even think never no one could be as good as her as Wonder Woman but Erica Durance will be a perfect choice for a Wonder Woman movie or Tv series.

  • SlightlyMad

    I’m sure there are some people out there who would pay good money for a beautiful woman dressed as Wonder Woman to kick the **** out of them!

  • Matches Malone

    Hippolyta, or the Earth-2 Wonder Woman, is hardly generic. Clearly, a fact checker is in order….

  • Matches Malone


    Okay, if you get that reference, then, well, clearly you’ve visited an adult or fetish site. Remember, everything is someone’s porn, and porn is everywhere!!!

  • Orphan

    Please stop beating to death the stupid connection between this costume and the failed revival of the worst character in the DC roster.The fact that an actress of Durances limited ability was even chosen for a role on Harrys Law just shows it was only “looking hot” in the costume and Kelly connections that got her the part.Who really cares that a generic costume was actually Hippolyta Earth 2? Get a life!