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Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Has a Working Title: Underworld

Budget concerns are still keeping the long-discussed live-action Star Wars TV series at bay. From earlier reports, we knew the project would be set between the third and fourth Star Wars movies while Luke and Leia are growing up, but would not actually feature them. The series focuses on the seedy side of the long-ago galaxy as it follows the rising Empire and some of the more unseemly elements like gangsters and bounty hunters. Even with 50 scripts completely finished, the series is still on hold. IGN talked to Lucasfilm bigwig Rick McCallum mainly about his upcoming film Red Tails, but also coaxed some Star Wars TV information out of him, including that the working title for the series is Star Wars: Underworld.

You can see the full video below, but the gist of the conversation revolves around the huge changes going on in television that make it difficult to find a good place for the series, budget concerns for all the special effects, and claims that each episode of the show is bigger, more adult and complex than the prequels.

Here’s a question for the readers: Would you rather see these stories told right now in a different format, like comics, animation or novels, or do you want to wait until the technology gets to the right place and the landscape of television becomes more firm?


  • Mythos

    I’m willing to wait. I love the sound of a mature Star Wars show focusing on the criminal side of the Galaxy. It was always one of the most interesting parts of the series for me.

  • James Fleming

    If new movies aren’t an option, then I’d be willing to wait for television as well.

  • Leandro Prieto

    The question is: Do we need more Star Wars right now? I think it would be good to wait a few more years. I want to feel again the excitement of another SW project coming in the future.

  • Patrick Keely

    I’d wait for it, but honestly would love if it would just be a purely streamed show on either Netflix or Hulu. 

  • drainbead

    lol – this will be terrible

  • Cory

    Nah. Do it now, then release remastered versions on Blu-Ray with added footage. [/star-trolls]

  • Douglas Nelson

    I can wait.

  • Darkhawk

    I will watch if there is no George Lucas involvement whatsoever.

  • Reth Sogen

    I’d rather wait. Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff has been done to death in comics and novels. A TV series would be something new. But I don’t want to see it done too early before the tech is ready. Then it would just be a train wreck.

  • Eek!

    Put it on HBO so we can see naked Twi’leks!

  • Anthony

    Here’s a thought: lower the cost by focusing, you know, on hiring great actors and great writers, instead of blowing a small nation’s GDP animating some alien stepping CG poo-poo.

  • drainbead

    like it won’t be a train wreck anyway. Mccullum is a brainless yes-man

  • Joe Teulon

    Do we need more Star Wars? Yes we do.

  • Leandro Prieto

    Of course we need more Star Wars, I love Star Wars. I even love the prequels and I think all the hatred towards George Lucas is a little bit unfair, but this TV show should be done as envisioned and not as a cartoon, comic or whatever.

  • John

    I think that the success of the 3D release of the Phantom Menace could help the progress of the live-action series. It’s been almost six years since the last live-action Star Wars movie. Maybe the film will renew interest in live-action Star Wars.

    I hope the 3D re-release of Phantom Menace opens at number 1 with huge numbers and dominate the month like the re-release of the Lion King did in September. Then, all the television networks will be begging George Lucas to bring the live-action Star War television series to their network.

  • Frank_piss

    It doesn’t matter. All the recent star wars stuff is following the lead of the awful prequels, so it’s bound to be garbage no matter how they approach it.

  • Erokandroll

    Star Wars the new Star Trek….but cooler!!!

  • Viscalla81

    I am willing to wait. I agree with mythos. Star wars stories should be told in a mature adult setting. I would much rather wait for television, especially if the show will be dark and gritty.

  • David S.

    I’d wait. But with genre shows becoming more accepted (Battlestar Galactica, Walking Dead) we shouldn’t have to wait too long. Shop this to HBO, AMC or like stations and get this moving.
    Saying that I wouldn’t be totally opposed to some comic book or animated lead up stories.

  • David S.

    Why did you like the prequels? I do agree that it should remain as originally envisioned, as long as Lucas isn’t writing AT ALL.

  • Ballywick

    They’re so in love with the technology, they’ve totally forgot what story and character feels like. They don’t have to have as much digital as they want to have. But, it’s their baby to do what they want to with it.

    I was hoping it would be produced more like Star Wars, and not so much like The Phantom Menace. Oh, well. I’m not their target audience, no matter how much I was in the past.

  • Dswynne1

    Well, it sounds like Lucas is going to wait a bit anyway, before he releases a series.  Personally, he should use a mini-series model to tell complete story arcs.  That way, he can later re-cut the product into a feature film.

  • GeneD5

    I can wait for visual effects to catch up, although note that with computer-generated backdrops, good writing, and solid characters and plots, “Doctor Who” and other SF shows have done just fine….

  • Magicpix

    As long as “Han shoots first” in this grown-up series, we should be good to go.

  • Fer

    I’ll wait. I’d rather see it as TV show.

  • Lance Cromwell

    I am sick and tired of prequel Star Wars. Give me some post Return of the Jedi Star Wars damnit!

  • Anonymous

    TV or nothing!

  • Pipesy

    I dont know why they are making it live action? After the Clone Wars has finished its run, why dont they get the same animation team to make it? That would be awesome!

  • Roddy McCorley

    What – no “CSI: Tatooine”????

  • Joe Teulon

    The prequels are awesome! Excluding The Phantom Menace, because that never happened (though I’ll still see it in 3D). I seem to be the only person who appreciates how great Attack Of The Clones was. Oh and some of the Lucas hatred is justified. Hayden Christensen in ROTJ? Outrageous

  • Nortonkelly

    the new movies sucked beyond belief though, hope they dont f up the tv series too