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The Killing Won’t Solve Rosie’s Murder Until End of Season 2

Viewers of AMC’s The Killing, many of whom felt betrayed by the twist in the Season 1 finale, will have to wait a while longer to learn who murdered Seattle teenager Rosie Larsen.

Despite an earlier suggestion by network executives that the mystery would be solved early on, leaving time for the introduction of a new case, showrunner Veena Sud tells Written By magazine quite plainly, “For the record, who killed Rosie Larsen will not be revealed until the end of season two.”

That statement will probably reignite a controversy that had largely died down since the June 19 finale transformed a segment of The Killing‘s audience from enthralled amateur sleuths into a pitchfork-wielding mob. (Vulture suggests AMC was shielding Sud from criticism when, citing “production needs” and “scheduling conflicts,” the network canceled her appearance at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.)

While Sud doesn’t apologize for the last-minute revelation that left the case unsolved while making the audience question the loyalties of one detective and the competency of the other, she does reiterate that the writers didn’t mean to enrage fans.

“Our intent was not to mislead or betray,” she says. “We talked about the fans, and their passion, and all of the stuff that was being said on the internet. But the bottom line is, we close the door and we’re a bunch of people in the room, and our job was, and continues to be, to tell the story that feels right by us.”

The Killing returns to AMC in the spring.

(via Vulture)


  • Jacob


  • Frequentcontributor

    I thought it was a cool twist, actually. That guy might still have done it AND been framed for it, really, but probably not… Now I’m excited to see who really did it, given that it should realistically be a suspect from the first season. It might be a stretch to introduce all new characters and then make one of them the killer, but the characters are fun to watch, so I’m just glad the show is returning.

  • DF

    Ugh. Thats really stupid. I like this show, but I’m thinking now it probably should have just been a mini-series or something…

  • RunnerX13

    Ugh, so over these drawn out stories on TV.