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A&E Wants to Open Bates Motel

Have you ever wondered what made Norman Bates such a nutcase? What could have happened to the Psycho antagonist to make him dress up like that and do those things? Well, A&E might be answering some of those questions soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Hoarders and Breakout Kings network has a series called Bates Motel in the works that will document Bates’ early days living with his mother and her abusive boyfriend.

Of course, Psycho aficionados know that the history of the man and the hotel made famous by Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 film and Robert Bloch’s 1959 novel was recounted by Bates himself in the series’ fourth film. Anthony Perkins reprised his role as Bates, calling into a radio show about killers and telling the tale of his younger self (played by E.T.‘s Henry Thomas). Whether any of those details will be included in the script written by Anthony Cipriano remains to be seen.

Speaking of killers, A&E also picked up the rights to the Danish series Those Who Kill, which follows a female investigator trying to capture a serial killer. Like Psycho, Those Who Kill is also based on a book, this one written by Elsebeth Egholm.


  • Demoncat4

    interesting though wondering how they would be able to make the thing a series.  and those who kill sounds intriquing to see how a7e adapts the danish version for america

  • Dad G

    This is a terrible idea.  Film and TV are so obsessed with origin stories lately.  Did a peek into Michael Myers childhood make the Halloween remake scarier? 
    We are afraid of the unknown.  If you boil Norman down to a series of clinical psychoses he might (or might not) become more interesting but will definitely be less frightening.

  • Anonymous

    There was a crappy TV movie in ’87 called “Bates Motel”.

  • Digger

    I didn’t know Norman had a father figure,his mothers boytoy!!!!!!