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CBS Snares Elementary, Its Own Modern Take on Sherlock Holmes

Even as co-creator Steven Moffat confirmed BBC One’s Sherlock will return for a third season, CBS has moved forward with its own modern-day take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary detective.

Variety reports the network has picked up a pilot for Elementary, which transplants the sleuth to present-day New York City. The drama, from CBS TV Studios, is executive produced by Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly (Kidnapped). Robert Doherty wrote the pilot script.


  • Michael Busuttil

    Look, they’re clearly capitalising on the popularity of both Sherlock and the Ritchie movies. But can I get in before the angry “SHERLOCK RIP-OFF” comments and just say I don’t mind? If it’s a good Holmes it’s another good adaptation (and, let’s be fair, Sherlock Holmes is about the last thing that you can complain about them adapting – there’s got to be hundreds, by now), and if it’s bad it doesn’t impact the popularity or brilliance of the BBC’s version.

  • John

    You wait for ages for a new adaptation of Sherlock to come along then three show up in as many years. Well maybe others have waited i saw the Young Sherlock Holmes film years ago i did like it but i wasn’t exactly waiting for new Sherlock material i seem to remember a couple of rival tv movies several years ago but never saw either of those.

    I just wasn’t really a Sherlock fan until the RDJ Guy Ritchie movie and i really liked that, and then the brilliant BBC version came on and i loved that and now both have had a follow up a sequel and a second series again i enjoyed both in between I’ve read a couple of graphic novels adaptions of Sherlock stories and enjoyed those so if it gets past the pilot to full series there maybe room in my life for another Holmes hero.

  • Jacob

    There are more than just three.

  • Tomfitz1

    I’m looking forward to series 3 of Sherlock.  ;-)

  • sandwich eater

    Great another CBS crime drama.

    Bringing Holmes to America completely misses the point.  I don’t want to see an American Doctor Who either.

  • Dave Morris

    Well, obviously it could go either way, but maybe the concept isn’t as completely crazy as all that. When the Hughes brothers were making From Hell, they described how they saw Victorian London as “the biggest, most modern city in the world… the New York of its day”. So, following that reasoning, I’m willing to give the transplant a chance. Have to agree, though, that an American Dr Who would never work.

  • A. Holland

    Can’t wait to see John Krasinski play Watson.

  • Taj Gunn

    Look on the bright side. It’s not a CSI spinoff.

  • Brian Middleton Jr

    Loved him in Eli Stone…he should be great for this!

  • Mister E.

    horrible…. SHERLOCK at least captures elements of DEXTER in it’s pacing… CBS hardly known for its edginess….

    CBS will find a way to ruin the idea…. they cover edginess with CSI.  they wont be able to match the elegant nature of the BBC’s SHERLOCK.. two seasons max.