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Jack the Giant Killer Screenwriter to Adapt R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps

For a generation of kids, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books offered an initial gateway into the land of horror. While things got scary in the more than 60 books, including Say Cheese And Die, Monster Blood and Night of the Living Dummy, they never got as bloody or sexy as your average slasher movie. The series eventually spawned a live-action TV series and will lead into a feature film if Columbia Pictures has anything to say about it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jack the Giant Killer screenwriter Darren Lemke is in final negotiations to take over screenwriting chores on a project that’s already gone through several sets of hands. It’s still unclear whether the big-screen debut will be an adaptation of one of the books or possibly a series, but the studio picked up the rights to 50 of the books, so there’s a lot of potential there.


  • AdamH12110

    It would be neat if they did it as a horror anthology movie.  Anyway, this sounds cool.  Horror in the movies has been an exclusively adult genre for a little too long in my opinion.

  • sandwich eater

    This takes me back.  But, a movie seems like a bad idea.  A TV series would better capture the fact that each book had a different story.

  • Anonymous

    An anthology horror movie series for kids would be cool.

    Tales from the Crypt … for CHILDREN!

  • AdamH12110

    As an anthology, it would be kind of like Tales from the Crypt in that all the stories come from the same series.  However, it would also be like Tales of Terror and Twice Told Tales in that they were also penned by the same author (though, there would be an unfortunate lack of Vincent Price).