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It’s a Fairy-Tale Battle as ABC, CW Order Beauty and the Beast Pilots

Just as Universal Pictures and Relativity Media raced to get their contrasting takes on the Snow White fairy tale — Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, respectively — into production, two television networks are going head to head with rival versions of Beauty and the Beast.

Barely a week after The CW ordered a pilot for a reboot of the 1980s drama Beauty and the Beast, Deadline reports ABC has given the go-ahead to a period-fantasy reimagining of the classic story from Human Target and Jericho writer-producer Jonathan E. Steinberg.

According to the website, the drama is set in a mythical world where a tough-and-beautiful princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast. The network is viewing the show as a potential Sunday-night companion to Once Upon a Time.


  • Anonymous

    Ah damn.
    You know what, i want to see a show where hansel and gretel hunt witches.
    Majke it happen.

    At least Grimm and once upon a time where different from each other.

  • David Fullam

    I want a Paul Bunyan series where he fights giant monsters created by mad scientist Johnny Appleseed!

  • Jean Cruz

    Hot damn.Can nobody come up with an original idea anymore? I can’t believe this.First we do got to Snow White movies coming out.One is a Joan Of Arc inspired Snow White and the other one is a Disney looking Snow White.Then came the news that both CW and Fox channel both are going to make a tv show about men who die but come back as spirits (heroes based on Dc Comics characters.).There was that MTV version of BBC’s Skins,Teen Wolf, plus Syfy’s Being Human and now we are going to have two different versions of Beauty and the Beast.Oh and how can I forget CBS who want to make their own Sherlock Holmes tv series even though they know full well of the BBC version that has already been praised for their powerful story-lines( They are now in Season 2)

  • Kelly Thompson

    Your wish is granted, in film at least:

  • RunnerX13

    Viewers are going to get burned out on fairytale shows pretty quickly.  ABC should be happy that they already have the one good one.

  • Jacob

    I… I would watch the shit out of that! Go be an idea man for Hollywood!

  • David Fullam

    Seriously, where’s my agent? Get my agent on the phone!

  • Jacob

    I don’t have your agent’s phone number!

  • David Fullam

    Aw crap!