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Amazing Spider-Man Synopsis Offers New Details of ‘Untold Story’

With the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man still more than five months away, the studio, producers and cast alike have been keeping plot details close to the vest, parceling out tidbits about “a different side of the Peter Parker story,” “the untold story,” and Gwen Stacy as Peter’s “true love” without providing much more than a vague overview of the story.

However, that changes with what certainly looks like an official synopsis from Columbia Pictures that appeared first in The Times of India before circulating more widely:

The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Peter is also finding his way with his first high school crush, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), and together, they struggle with love, commitment and secrets. As Peter discovers a mysterious briefcase that belonged to his father, he begins a quest to understand his parents’ disappearance — leading him directly to Oscorp and the lab of Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), his father’s former partner. As Spider-Man is set on a collision course with Connors’ alter-ego, The Lizard, Peter will make life-altering choices to use his powers and shape his destiny to become a hero.

Oh, sure, there aren’t any major revelations, but the new breakdown helps to connect the dots in director Marc Webb’s franchise reboot.

The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens July 3, also stars Denis Leary, Irrfan Khan, Chris Zylka, C. Thomas Howell, Campbell Scott, Embeth Davidtz and Annie Parisse.


  • Kaniole

    I really liked the teacher/student tie of the original Spidey story.
    Looks like the Bendis “Venom” storyline years ago in USM.

  • Jacob

    Anyone paying attention already figured out what the Untold Story was.

  • justin

    Oh, it’s the magic totem origin, right?

    Man, that was stupid.

  • Mr. Pink

    Justin, the entire “Magic Totem” was never intended to rewrite Spider-Man’s origin as being “magical in nature”. His powers were still “science based”. It was intended to explain “why” the spider bit Pete. Was it dumb luck? Pure chance? Or was it Destiny? This was a theme that JMS was writing about. Peter Parker was always meant to become Spider-Man. He was chosen by some higher power because of something great or noble in him.

  • Keil

    I can’t wait!! ….to not see this movie

  • Rob Saggers

    Why with a countless number of told stories in the timeline and continuum of “The Amazing Spider-Man” do they need to give us an untold story? Which is out of movie, regular and ultimate continuity.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love comic book movies, I’ll be going to see this film. I just don’t get it when they have years worth of ready to use story boarded plots, they make up their own which deviates from everything the fans already like.

  • Jacob

    How do you know that this isn’t adapting an existing version of his parents story?

  • Jacob

    Which invalidated the idea of Peter being an “everyman” who stumbled into being Spider-Man. The thing that makes him so appealing is that he’s us. He’s an average guy, who has great responsibility because of his great power. If he was given the power, then there’s a purpose that somebody wants him for. It’s no longer just Peter Parker helping his fellow man, it’s an agent on a mission. I’m not saying the stories dealing with it were bad. I really loved a lot of JMS’ stuff. But I’m glad it’s largely disregarded (though Yost seems to be dragging it out again in Scarlet Spider).

  • Christopher

    It is an existing version. Peter’s parents were spies for SHIELD in the comic’s canon.

  • Jacob

    Are we sure they’re doing the spy thing? They could be doing the scientist thing from USM.

  • Noway

    Too bad Sony has kept the rights to SM.  This plot sounds like a contrivance.  Can’t say that I am all that excited for this based on what I have seen.

  • Keil

    Agreed. It seemed kind of clever and interesting at the time (the totem
    stuff – I think JMS is a smart writer), but when you think it over, it
    does not work for Spidey. It’s incongruous with who Peter Parker is

  • Al D.

    I think they’re going with the “Pete’s parents were super spy agents” story with a dash of USM’s “Venom” storyline thrown in.  Somehow they’re going to be involved with DNA-gene splicing stuff.  Hey, at least it’s more of a mention of the Parkers than, what, 6+ hrs of Sam Raimi movies had!

  • Pierre Lapointe

    That is terrible.  Abandoned??  That makes it sound like his parents never wanted him.  I really won’t be seeing this movie.

  • bfg666

    It invalidates nothing. Peter IS not us: he WAS. If he was an average guy, he would be a coward with a poor sense of responsibility, which he actually was before Ben died. His upbringing made him a potentially exceptionally good individual, and the powers plus Ben’s death triggered his noble nature. And THAT is why he is so appealing to us, because no matter how average we are, we all feel unique deep inside and we (mostly) all wish we could become better than we are.
    Anyway, if there is such a thing as destiny, it means this latent hero was meant to receive his powers and Ben was meant to be shot by the thief Peter allowed to escape, inexorably leading this average guy to become the hero he is now. So, you see now how the totem storyline is not in contradiction to Peter’s everyman persona prior to Ben’s shooting. I admit it was quite odd for a comic book so grounded in science and focused on the realism of daily life, but it was consistent. And it’s not disregarded: sure, the BND retcon changed a lot of things (BTW, you must really hate it! I do, not because of the supernatural Mephisto stuff, but because it pulled apart THE couple of the Marvel universe who were meant -again- to be together forever), but all the stuff with Madame Web that happened since then, especially Grim Hunt, clearly showed that Spidey still has a destiny.

  • Jacob

    If it was destiny for Ben to get shot, then Peter’s entire motivation goes out the window.

  • bfg666

     Why the hell would they do the Venom stuff again? This has already been explored in SM3.

  • bfg666

     I don’t see why.

  • Jacob

    >_> He became Spider-Man because of his involvement in Ben’s death. If it was supposed to happen, then it wasn’t his fault. Guilt erased.

  • bfg666

     No, because he didn’t know this was supposed to happen. He learned about his destiny only many years later, and when he did, his personality was already built a long time ago.

  • Bruce A. Savini

    Jacob, Peter Parker was never meant to be the everyman, he was the up and coming Reed Richards, when he became Spiderman. I really don’t get it when a genius is said to be an everyman. Captain America is closer to being an everyman than Peter Parker. I wish this everyman crap would go away

  • bfg666

    That’s what I said (and did) about the Captain America movie. I mean, the guy who played the Human Torch in the role of Cap? Come on!

  • Billybob1


  • Jacob

    How is Peter not the everyman? He has rent issues, job issues, relationship issues. He deals with the same problems we do. Him being a genius doesn’t negate that.

  • Jacob

    “Hey Peter, know that thing you blame yourself for everyday? Totally not your fault. You’re off the hook.” Even if he continues being Spider-Man, it completely breaks the dramatic tension in his origin story and how he perceives his origin changes. Instead of standing up for what’s right, he was unknowingly drafted into something he barely comprehends? Bull shit.

  • Awsumguy68

    The symbiotte’s origin in Ultimate Spider-Man is different than the one in Amazing Spider-Man. And the Venom that was in Spider-Man did no justice to the character and those movies I believe are owned by Sony studios.

  • iSlash

    Because this is a reboot and is completely different? It won’t even be done in the same way either, plus SM3 was terrible.

  • Alan Alexander

    Could be worse. Peter could have gotten his powers from Arachne, the Spider Goddess. 

  • David Brooke

    It’s all chameleon! 15 bucks says he’s the villain in part 2. 

  • Monkeyhelpertrainer

    The biggest way they try to make the reboot different from the previous trilogy is by including “the untold story” of Peter’s parents? Meh. Sony should have just borrowed heavily from the cancelled “Spectacular Spider-Man” animated series and made Peter a sarcastic, wise-cracking teenager, including most of the supporting high school characters from the original comics not in the movie like Harry Osborn, Liz Allan, Betty Brant etc. What IS this science high school crap? And excluding J. Jonah is an outright blunder! At least Mary Jane can make an entry later on in the franchise, JJJ should have been there right from the first movie.

  • Demoncat4

    love that not only is this take including peters parents s but the the lizzard working at Oscorp means the chance the green goblin could pop up in the future

  • Juan

    Well, if you saw the trailer, you can see that they didn’t want to abandon him. They had to. And clearly the whole point of it is for Peter to find out WHY they had to. To him, they abandoned him. But really, they disappeared. So he wants to find out what happened.

  • Juan

    How do you know Peter is not sarcastic and wise-cracking in this movie? From what I’ve heard and read, he’s just that.
    Well Flash is there. And Gwen was from college, but does it make a huge difference if she’s in his high school now? MJ came much later.
    And while JJJ would’ve been nice, we already saw him before 3 times, and he might be there for the sequel. And The Daily Bugle is still the main paper, so the presence is there. So what if we don’t see him for this movie?
    It’s a different take, obviously it has to do some things differently from the comics.

  • Don Owen

    The way I see it, the “untold story” is going to be loosely based off the origin.  They’ll keep the fact that he uses his powers selfishly and that this selfishness causes Uncle Ben’s death.  That leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

    Here’s what I think will happen in the movie:
    Peter goes to Oscorp to sneak around and look for clues on his parents, getting bitten by the
    spider in the process.  Now instead of fighting crime he uses his powers to further his quest to find his parents.  He ignores the Lizard’s early attacks (or something of the sort), because it’s not his problem.  This selfish behavior will lead to Ben’s death near the end of the movie, spurring Peter to do the right thing and stop the Lizard.  Thus learning the importance
    of power and responsibility.
    There would be no need for him to try his hand in wrestling. The basic lesson of Spider-man is told in this story structure and the audience gets something new.

    (This also explains why we see Gwen at a funeral is production photos.  If Ben dies at the beginning of the movie, she wouldn’t know Peter well enough to be invited.)

  • sephy

    Jacob, you seem to be the only person here who actually “gets it”. Pete’s entire motivation to become Spider-Man was because he was, essentially, irresponsible with his powers and that led to him basically getting his Uncle killed. This prompted Pete to be more responsible with his abilities and to help prevent others from experiencing what he experienced, even though he wishes he could have ultimately saved Uncle Ben.

    If Uncle Ben’s death was just a pre-destined event that Pete couldn’t have prevented in any way, then it takes the legs out from Pete’s entire reason to become Spider-Man.

  • sephy

    The core of Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s entire character is responsibility. Everybody has to deal with responsibility.

  • sephy

    I’m still going to go see this movie, but it keeps sounding worse the more I hear about it. 


    This just sounds like its going to be ripe with angst left and right. Spidey needs a little angst once and a while, but c’mon, he’s Spider-Man he needs to be an upbeat hero.

    Also, the suit still looks like crap.

  • Carloshll726

    This new costume is weird, but likeable.

  • Keil

    Yeah, you don’t get the character. So, clueless-about-spider-man guy, don’t try to tell us who Peter or Spider-Man is

  • Jacob

    So is the reboot.

  • Keil

    I guess you missed the part where, for 40, 100, 200 more issues, Peter
    continued to get picked on at school, struck out with girls, got
    hounded by authority figures

    Reed Richards – what a total joke

  • bfg666

    I agree SM3 was not nearly as good as it could have been, although I wouldn’t say it was terrible, but my point is including Venom in the reboot would be somewhat redundant. Furthermore, Spidey has fought a gazillion different villains in his crimefighting career, and most of them are yet unexploited on screen. I’d love to see major Spidey enemies like the Chameleon, Kraven, Mysterio, the Vulture, the Hobgoblin… even small-time freaks he often fights like the Shocker, or top-notch villains he rarely fought yet are cornerstones in Spidey’s life, like the Kingpin… So many possibilities, it would be a shame not to explore them.
    That said, if they make a REALLY compelling Venom it would be a thrill (think Heath Ledger’s Joker vs. Jack Nicholson’s).

  • bfg666

     Awsumguy, in case you haven’t noticed, the movie is called The Amazing Spider-Man, not Ultimate Spider-Man. Though the idea of making a reboot based on a reboot is quite fitting…

  • bfg666

    You guys don’t seem to understand human nature quite well. For a guy like Peter, it doesn’t change a thing, at best it would simply shift his guilt from letting the murderer escape to being unable to change his destiny.
    But his personality being as it is, this shift didn’t happen and
    he still sees it just as before. He simply is not the kind of guy who
    would dismiss his guilt in the blink of an eye. And remember, he had a
    hard time processing all this destiny stuff and, even with everything
    that happened regarding this matter, to this day he STILL is unsure if he should believe it (cf. Grim Hunt). Rational, scientific minds like his just don’t buy into esoteric and supernatural stuff that easily. He still is uneasy around the Sorcerer Supreme, for example.
    Also, more importantly, you seem to forget that his guilt encompasses much more than Ben’s death. Sure, it was the defining moment, but he also feels guilty about Gwen, captain Stacy and Betty’s brother’s deaths, and basically every person he has failed to save (including his foes) and every bad thing resulting from his actions, one of the most recent being the consequences of his unmasking.
    So, the destiny thing definitely has very little weight in the balance regarding his sense of responsibility and guilt.

  • bfg666

     Please! I’ve been reading Spider-Man for more than 30 years now and I happen to understand the human psyche very well, so don’t tell me I don’t get the character. Read my above reply to Jacob and Sephy and tell me again I’m clueless…

  • bfg666

     What you’re saying is true, but Bruce has a point here. Geniuses just aren’t the everyman and they tend to have way more relational problems than the average guy. Believe me, I speak from experience. Well, I’m not a genius but I do have an above-the-average intelligence, and up until the end of high school, I had quite more than my share of issues with bullies, girls and parents. In fact, from those years I can remember only one class where I wasn’t the designated victim of bullies and it was because one classmate had the Down syndrome, so he got picked on in my stead.

  • Juan

    What made Peter an ‘everyman’ was that he made mistakes and faced consequences, whether it was letting the person go who shot Ben, or trying to save Gwen and failing, or whatever, that’s what made him an ‘everyman’. He had all our problems, and he made mistakes, and he wasn’t perfect.

  • Rory


  • Braunrodman

    I’ve been reading as long as you have and I gotta agree with you bfg. There’s that great issue I think by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa where Peter is shown a beach full of people he saved and the first thing he says is where are the people I couldn’t save? That’s the character that has been ignored by hollywood and turned into someone that cries to himself, feeling bad for himself. That’s one of the major reasons the first three movies were trash. I agree totem or not it doesnt change peter at all

  • bfg666

    I’d very much like to see the 90’s costume on screen one day, the one he sported during the clone bulls#!t. Always loved that suit and always regretted Spidey never came back to it.