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Captain Marvel Movie Isn’t Dead: ‘There’s Hope For Shazam’

It’s been a while — a long while — since we’ve had any updates on Warner Bros.’ long-developing movie based on DC Comics’ Captain Marvel, aka Shazam. After passing through no fewer than five screenwriters, in 2009 the script for the Peter Segal-directed project finally landed in the hands of Geoff Johns and Billy Birch.

Since then, however, it’s been relatively quiet on the Marvel Family front. But Johns, now DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer, insists that doesn’t mean the Shazam movie is dead.

“Oh, no, Shazam’s always — there’s always a possibility for Shazam,” Johns tells Newsarama in an interview about his upcoming “Curse of Shazam!” back-up stories in DC’s Justice League. “There’s always talk about Shazam. And I can’t get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there’s hope for Shazam.”

He said there will be some similar themes and characters inherent to Captain Marvel in both the comic and the film script, but the two have very different tones.

The last comic-to-film project that Johns was involved in was 2011′s Green Lantern, but he’s also spearheading the Cartoon Network DC Nation block that will include Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Beware the Batman.


  • RunnerX13

    Johns know to never say never, but it sounds like we shouldn’t hold our breath.  

  • Tae

    Given the state of the comics (Thanks largely to Geoff), maybe it’s a good thing he doesn’t get his hands on it.

  • Nahumfjr

    the only real hope for this film is Jon Hamm and to make it more of a mythical epic then the common superhero film.

  • A. Holland

    Unless it stars Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel and The Rock as Black Adam they don’t need to make this movie.

  • Lord Prong

    They better make it before Superior hits the big screen or we’ll never see it.  And yes, I know Captain Marvel is the original, over 70 yrs old etc, etc.  Just stating a fact.  It’ll be like everyone saying “John Carter” is a rip-off of that blatant rip-off of pretty much everything scifi, “Avatar.”

    Plus – get rid of calling him Shazam.  It sounds fucking stupid as a name and kids won’t like it.  Just call him Captain Thunder.

  • Devon Bishop

    What about Captain Fawcett ?

  • Cjorg2

    Sounds like a Superhero who does plumbing.

  • Cjorg2

    That makes sense.  Why let a writer and businessman like Johns who has turned DC comics around to be a serious threat to Marvel Comics, as well as revitalising the Green Lantern franchise to become one of the biggest in comics get his hands on Shazam? 

    This is why he makes the big bucks and you ask, “you want fries with that?”

  • Shazam

    John Hamm is way too old.

  • Shazam

    Patrick Warburton is too old, way to campy, and doesn’t have the presence to light up the big screen.  That’s why he’s a TV actor.  You’re right about Dwayne Johnson though.

  • Aaronkaye1

    Shazam, Captain Marvel would be a hit, I can’t wait to see it. A blockbuster, it couldn’t miss!

  • Anonymous

    You do know that DC can’t call him Captain Marvel, right?  Thank Marvel Comics for that.

  • Lord Prong

    That’s why I suggested Captain Thunder numbnuts…

  • Dan Wilson

    all I know is that the kid from Once Upon A Time should be Billy

  • ChrisMohrSr

    Let’s get the Captain Marvel project off the ground before Patrick Warburton is too old to play the part.

  • ChrisMohrSr

    Patrick Warburton would be the perfect Captain Marvel since we can’t get Fred McMurray who inspired the original Captain Marvel.

  • ChrisMohrSr

    Patrick Warburton would be the perfect Captain Marvel since we can’t get Fred McMurray who inspired the original Captain Marvel.

  • Bobby batson

    wWarner bros.should make the movie  the captain has yet to be a flop on film the original serial was . arguably the greatest of the super hero serials and the tv show was a minor success it probably been a bigger hit if jackson was there the  for the duration. just be true to the cap.remember he was the the top guy for a while maybe with some helphelp we can give him black some of the dignity that was taken from him Sharma.

  • mikey

    u need to see capt marvel my long lost favourite from screens on by I have super 8 films of him he is the greatest why aint he o screen

  • mikey

    it was not who you say he was it was t was n ot fredcmuurray ho played capt marvel

  • mikey

    I watched capt marvel as a teen and lovedit why taint been a movie I do not know hy have don all the other people

  • mikey

    I have footage ofhim in super8 as h started in the cave