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Carnahan to Remake Death Wish?

It’s been a pretty good few days for Joe Carnahan: Not only did his survival thriller The Grey top the weekend box office with $20 million, but he’s reportedly signed on to write and direct a remake the 1974 revenge film Death Wish.

According to The Envelope, MGM and Paramount Pictures are developing the reboot of the movie that made Charles Bronson a star. The Grey producer Jules Daly is set to produce, along with Ridley and Tony Scott’s Scott Free Prods. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, Bronson played a man turned vigilante after his wife was murdered and his daughter assaulted by thugs. The film was based on a 1972 book by Brian Garfield and spawned four sequels.

Carnahan also wrote and directed Smokin’ Aces, Narc and The A-Team, so he has experience in action movies with revenge themes. Assuming the film does get remade, who do you think should play the main character? Note that Bronson was 53 when the movie came out. Liam Neeson’s in the right age range, and he worked with Carnahan on The Grey, but would the plot be too similar to Taken?


  • Mel

    That movie with Jodie Foster that came out a few years ago was basically Death Wish.

  • guest

    And don’t forget the Kevin Bacon flick from a couple of years ago, pretty much a Death Wish movie if I ever saw one.

  • Orphan

    Let’s inspire more shootouts like the Gifford incident or maybe another V-Tech or ACA by someone who takes the modern spin (with todays even more graphic violence levels) to be an affirmation of their delusional world view.In the meantime gang violence,sex crimes,child slayings,etc. go on unabated because those inspired to follow the films theme can’t process the real issues in front of them.Should be lots of fun.We get to watch the movie first then the copycat news reports on constant loop forever.What Mel and guest failed to remember is that Deathwish is the revival of a franchise and has the potential to be really big.Way bigger than Jodie or Kevin’s films