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Ferris Bueller Is Still a Righteous Dude in Honda Super Bowl TV Ad

As you may have suspected last week from the paraphrased quote and the distinctive sound of Yello’s “Oh Yeah” in this the 10-second clip, Matthew Broderick is returning to his Ferris Bueller’s Day Off role to sell something during the Super Bowl. But whatever could it be?

It turns out that a much-older Ferris is trading in his 1961 Ferrari GT California — okay, Cameron’s father’s 1961 Ferrari GT California — for a 2012 Honda CR-V in a fun, if maybe a little wistful, commercial that will undoubtedly have you searching for a copy of John Hughes’ 1986 classic.

Watch the full commercial below ahead of its big television debut on Sunday.


  • John

    I wonder what John Hughes would think if he was alive to see his most famous and beloved character used for a Honda commercial.

    But I have to admit that I am a really big fan of Ferris and I liked this commercial.

  • nick price

     there’s no Ferris Bueller’s Day Off sequel in the works

  • Russ Carr

    Too much Matthew Broderick, not enough Ferris Bueller. Ferris was lovable because he was such an imp; Broderick just goes through the motions here – the sloooooow motions, at that. A little effort (set the commercial in Chicago at least) could have made a bigger impact. A few additional cameos (Ben Stein as the valet? Mia Sara as the woman with good taste in cars?) might’ve pushed this into the all-time memorable spots. Call me cynical, but it just didn’t live up to the hype. Ferris Bueller wouldn’t have let an opportunity like the Super Bowl go by; too bad only Matthew Broderick showed up.

  • RunnerX13

    I’ve heard more news about this Super Bowl ad in the last few days than news about the actual Super Bowl.

  • Kolymar

    I fully agree.