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Could Star Wars: Underworld Have a Time-Travel Premise?

Can you spoil a TV series that might never actually happen? That seems to be one of the many questions surrounding a recent Ain’t It Cool News post about the much-talked about, dark Star Wars: Underworld live-action series that Rick McCallum explained has been shelved for budgetary reasons. If you don’t want potential spoilers for a show that may never air, read no further.

According to the new, untested AICN source, Underworld will involve “a group of bandits acquiring the capability of time travel, and using it to travel back in time to stop Darth Vader from ever existing.”

It’s an interesting possibility, and one that would have obvious ramifications on the prequels if it actually proved to be true and/or this particular group of bandits succeeds in its mission. This would also keep with McCallum’s claim that the live-action series would be darker and deal with the seedier side of the Star Wars Universe.

Again, it can’t be stated clearly enough that this is just a rumor right now. Heck, it sounds more like disgruntled fan fiction than anything, but we’ll all have to wait and see how things shake out with the shelved series.


  • Kingdomcome2

    Lucas has publicly stated that the show takes place between episodes 3 and 4 and has nothing to do with Darth Vader or any of the major characters from the movies. Who comes up with these crazy rumors?

  • Kevin Brennan

    Have they ever used time travel as a plot device in the Star Wars universe? Granted, I’m not up to speed on all the storylines outside of the movies, Clone Wars and a few books. 

  • Spag Hoops

    Wow. what a really bad idea. All that time travel stuff in Voyager added the final extra nails in the coffin of Star Trek. This could really damage Star Wars. Unless writers know what they’re doing they should really stay away from this time travel stuff.

  • Robcoles1

    @Spag. “This could really damage Star Wars.” That ship sailed long ago, buddy.

  • David Fullam

    Time Travel? Stopping Vader’s existence? Is this The Terminator now?

  • Clansmanone

    Eh, sounds dubious to me. Time travel doesn’t exist in the Star Wars universe at this point, and I hope it never does. Just hope the series actually gets made some day!

  • Darthman79

    This has got to be nothing more than rumor. If this is true Lucas and McCallum need to have their heads examined. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t make the show about the Empire taking over the galaxy. You know a little bit of 24-esque political maneuvering. That could be the A story and then the B story could be about Vader hunting down the last of the Jedi. You know then toss in a little bit of bounty hunters and Hutts with the death of Jar Jar Binks as the cherry on the top. That would about make up for the prequels being a little sub-par.

  • sandwich eater

    This is a bad idea.  There should be no time travel in the Star Wars Universe.  Fate/Destiny is a major theme in Star Wars, if you add time travel it ruins the whole concept.  You’ll wind up with either multiple timelines which will be confusing or everything will be consistent with what has already happened because they won’t be able to change the past so it’ll be pointless.

  • Nick Corbin

    TIME travelling BANDITS? Wait a minute…

  • Jena Wang

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  • Anonymous

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  • Alistair Hocker

    Sort of. Leia and Han’s son Jacen acquired a force technique called flow walking, that let him project his consciousness and that of others forwards or backwards in time as an intangible “ghost”. By doing so he could alter the perceptions and memories of others.
    He was also able to project himself into the future and cause a fixed point in time, where Leia had to be at a shuttle crash because he had seen her there, and she had detected his presence

    But its nothing like the nonsense suggested in this “spoiler”. He couldn’t actually change events, just alter memories.
    This spoiler has no chance of being true, since it doesnt fit anything we’ve heard of the show so far and it would outrage a heck of a lot of fans for very little gain.

  • RunnerX13

    If true, who cares about stopping Vadar?  It’s like going back in time to WW2 and trying to kill Hitler’s right hand man.  Besides, I’m tired of new Star Wars series glamorizing terrorists and traitors to the Empire. 

  • JayZ

    Long, long ago :)

  • Magnusjragnarok

     You must be a very special person, indeed! You should go buy yourself something nice. You deserve it.

  • Mak

    Alrighty Than…

  • Mak

    I got a bad feeling about this…

  • Mak

    Or…. Or…

    Time traveling plays into the whole Fate/Destiny theme. Who’s to say that a bunch of Bandits didn’t travel back 10,000 year in the past, mentioned the whole darkside took over the galaxy and some guy defeated the dark lord to bring balance and that’s how the whole prophesy thing got starte?

    Whose to say the bandits traveling back in time (He he he… Funny) are what cause the even’t in the films to take place? Seeing that Star War Universe didn’t inplode due to a paradox it’s safe to say The “Bandit” Were Destined/fated to travel back in time.

    I’m gonna shut up now.

  • WeaponX

    You do know that the entire Rebel Alliance is terrorists right.  That this whole franchise well the good parts anyway has been built on glorifying terrorists.  Sorry it offends your conservative values but no one considers themselves a terrorist their enemies do.  Oh fun fact this is a country founded by quote un-quote terrorists.

  • Lord Prong

    Only whining fanboys think it’s “damaged.”  Us normal, regular folk are quite happy.

  • Lord Prong

    You’re an idiot.  Look up the definition of terrorist and then come back and retract your stupid statement.  At least RunnerX13’s being sarcastic…

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Terrorist: one who advocates violence or the threat of violence for political needs. Often apart of a group.

    So how exactly were the Leaders of the American Revolution not terrorists? Go check your biases, preconceived childhood notions, and name calling at the door and come in.

    The difference between rebels and terrorists is based purely on P.O.V.

  • Lord Prong

    Hey, look an idiot with a dictionary : )

    I think we all know that the modern interpretation of a “terrorist” is a group of fanatics who strap bombs on themselves and murder innocent people, fly planes into building and murder INNOCENT people, decapitate INNOCENT people and then televise it live on the internet to terrorise others.  Last I saw none of that happened in Star Wars.  At least not concerning the Rebel Alliance.

    You’re an idiot, plus your lame attempts at political correctness are a disgrace in light of events that have occurred around the world over the last several years.  Don’t let that same door hit you in the ass on your way out moron.

  • He Ain’t That Bad

    Lord Prong is wrong.  You are not an idiot. 

    You are a complete f**king idiot.

    That is all.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    So, you tell someone to look it up, and when they do you have a problem with that? You are just proving me correct about my POV statement. And you are the one being PC, not me i am taking a purely intellectual stance, while you are, self admitedly I might add, going with the ‘modern touchy-feely dont wanna upset anyone stance.’ Look, if you want to have an actual discussion I can do that, but if you want to have an overly emotional, jingoistic rant, well I left Jr High a while ago and have no wish to go back.

    Good luck with growing up and maturing

    Also, way to address the point I was making by tying it to Star Wars, again showing your lack of intellect and rationality.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    And you are ethnocentric, small minded, narrow viewed, and engage in name calling, while adding nothing to the discourse, save letting everyone know that you have a complete lack of originality and comprehension.

  • Lord Prong

    Blah Blah blah – still blithering about using PC rubbish statements in a pathetic attempt to rationalise a pathetic and idiotic opinion and stance.  You’re still an idiot.  But I’ll add stumbling, ignorant idiot to the equation.  It’s amazing how idiotic people like you always assume they are taking the “intellectual stance.”  

    Feel free to go back to living in “PC World” with all the other morons.

  • Lord Prong

    Actually I’d say he or she hit it on the button.  Be careful you don’t damage your computer with the amount of time and effort you’re using the Thesauras button idiot.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    A specious, ad hominem attack, how disappointing. 

    Free Tip:  You should stop using the term ‘PC,’ because you are using it incorrectly.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Another ad hominem attack?  You should be able to do better than that.

  • Lord Prong

    There you go with the dictionary again – doesn’t make you smarter, just more of a pretentious idiot trying to deflect attention from his idiotic comments.

    Anyone who’s happy to compare fictional Star Wars characters to real-life terrorists and terrorist acts is a moron no matter how much he tries to make himself an “intellectual” with a Word of the Day Calendar.

    And feel free to continue – the level of idiocy coming out of you is not dissapointing in the least.  In fact, it’s pretty consistent : )

  • Lord Prong

    Your use of ad hominem is somewhat in error, but I’m happy you agree that I’m accurately pointing out your negative characteristics e.g. that you are a complete idiot for supporting an idiotic opinion.  The fact is, your opinion unfortunately does reflect your level of stupidity regarding this matter.

    Don’t believe me?  Go down to the remains of the World Trade Centre and say out loud, ” Y’know what, this is just like when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star!”

    That look everyone will give you is likely the look you often get in your everyday life – it means everyone thinks you’re an idiot.

    Do better than that?  Dude, you’re not even ready for the training wheels to come off…

  • Lord Prong

    Hey look – Wyatt used an ad hominem attack.  He should have been able to do better than that… LOL

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Now I see what the problem is, you were not able to keep up with the discourse from the beginning.  I never said a word about Star Wars.  You have been off the mark from the beginning.  Well, I guess that makes what you were saying even worse than I thought it was.  You couldn’t even keep up with the conversation!  I guess that explains why you have been so insulting, you just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    I guess that kinda puts the shoe back on the right foot.

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Oh, so the game is that if I do not disagree with the statement, then I am agreeing?  Okay, well by your rules you have admitted to being jingoistic, overly emotional, juvenile, unable to have a mature conversation, a lack of intellect and rationality, and that you are unable to use a dictionary.  While I have admitted to being an idiot concerning the definition of terrorist.  A definition that you, self admittedly, again, did not take from the dictionary.  You are very bad at this game.

    Also, my use of the term ad hominem is not in error.  But seeing as you have already
    demonstrated on multiple occasions that you are unable to use a
    dictionary correctly, it is not surprising that you got that wrong.

    How could you have made such a bad logic trap for yourself?  Calling a ‘a-ha’ moment when doing so would make your statements, under the same light, look much worse than mine?  So very bad at this game…

  • Wyatt Samuel K

    Yeah, there is a difference between a retort and an attack.  But I am unsure that you would be able to grasp the difference in concepts.

  • Guess

    Even if this was true, who can believe the horse crap that comes out of AICN or Harry Knowles’ mouth?

  • Rat-Man

    I’d like to see Vader doing this: