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Kevin Bacon Lands Lead Role in Fox’s Serial-Killer Pilot

After getting the nod from Fox, Kevin Williamson is moving along briskly with his serial-killer drama pilot. The as-yet-unnamed project focuses on a murderer who creates a cult around his persona using the Internet and other technology, and the FBI agents out to catch him.

The Scream and Vampire Diaries creator has snagged Kevin Bacon to play one of the FBI agents, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actor has committed to 15 episodes which, as THR points out, is shy of the usual 22 that your average series receives. It remains to be seen whether the series will have a 15-episode season or if Bacon just won’t be needed for all of them.


  • Tomfitz1

    Mr. Bacon’d make a great serial killer as an actor. 

  • Orphan

    I agree after seeing Hollow Man a few years ago. I think Bacon would be totally wasted as the good guy.But then again maybe if he does disappear in a few episodes he really is the killer and that would explain a lot. Have to see how this goes.Of course, with Fox cancelling everything before a show can pick up steam it would have to hit hard and fast 24 style to last.