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Shiloh Fernandez Joins Evil Dead

Lily Collins’ exit from director Fede Alvarez’s remake of The Evil Dead might have worried some folks about the film’s progress, but Variety reports casting is still moving along. No, we don’t have our new Mia just yet but the trade paper reports that Shiloh Fernandez, who appeared opposite Amanda Seyfried in Red Riding Hood, did score the lead male role.

While the character’s name isn’t revealed, it might be safe to assume that Fernandez will be playing Mia’s brother David, the one who organizes his sister’s intervention in the worst possible location: the home of the Book of the Dead. But, it is interesting that they don’t directly state who the actor will be playing. Maybe this hints at a larger role for one of Mia’s friends who has yet to be named.

Some spoiler-filled details leaked back in December, revealing that, unlike the original Sam Raimi film, this one will focus on a young woman named Mia instead of Ash. Mia’s had a rough time with drugs since her mother passed away, hence David’s plan for an intervention. While at the cabin, someone finds the Book of the Dead, starts reading it and the demons run amok. Since Mia’s detoxing and is the weakest, they go for her, but no one believes the junkie and horror presumably ensues.

Alvarez wrote the script and then Diablo Cody took her own pass. Producer Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures intend to start filming in March in New Zealand, but we’ll see how that goes.


  • Anonymous

    Zero interest in Evil Dead without Bruce Campbell.  Zero.

  • ChristoChance

    Evil Dead without Bruce, Daddy needs to grab his Boomstick and Get all Medieval.  Bruce Campbell made the Evil Dead Franchise the cult classic. 

  • Faust

    Haven’t seen Red Riding Hood yet. But boy is he puurty!! haha…

    Isn’t Mia going to be the chick from Suburgatory (sp?) and Shameless? Shes a great actress. Sorry cant remember he name – but I know her face! :)

  • Anonymous

    i’m 24. i never heard of evil dead