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Exclusive: Morgana Tortures Merlin in a Clip From This Week’s Episode

In a SPINOFF ONLINE-exclusive clip from this weeks’ episode of Merlin, Morgana (played by Katie McGrath) explains to the captured young wizard (Colin Morgan) how she’ll force him to kill his friend King Arthur.

In “A Servant of Two Masters,” Morgana tortures Merlin before placing him under her control using the deadly power of a multi-headed serpent known as a Fomorroh. With Arthur’s most trusted servant now at her command, Morgana sends him on a mission: to murder the king. Alas, the bumbling Merlin may not be the most adept assassin.

“The darker we go, the funnier we go, too,” co-creator Johnny Capps explains. “That’s always been an important focus for us. No matter how dark the series gets, you never lose the emotional heart of it.”

Watch the exclusive scene from this week’s episode below. Merlin airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy.


  • watcher71

    Can’t wait to watch the episode this evening – especially after seeing the exclusive clip!  Am so excited I blogged about it this morning ;-)

    How will Merlin get himself out of this one…?

  • Meridian

    Thanks for the clip.  Definitely tuning in tonight.

  • sendean

    (possible mild spoilers ahead)  I love every single episode in MERLIN season
    4.  However, this episode (4×06 “A
    Servant to Two Masters”) is my favorite “rewatchable” episode of
    the season.  It is fascinating how the
    extremes of drama and humor can be merged seamlessly in the same episode.   COLIN MORGAN is absolutely amazing as his
    portrayal of Merlin swings from dramatic seriousness to slapstick “pink
    panther” humor. BRADLEY JAMES is wonderful as Arthur shows great concern
    for Merlin’s well-being.  And who knew
    how funny ANGEL COULBY could be as Gwen helps Gaius prevent assassination
    attempts. You do not want to miss this episode!