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First Look: New Teen Titans Short From Cartoon Network’s DC Nation

As the initial promo for “DC Nation” teased in November, the upcoming Cartoon Network programming block will include chibi versions of the Teen Titans in its mix of animated shorts and live-action interstitials. And thanks to, we have our first look at the characters’ return to television.

Starring from 2003 to 2006 in their own Cartoon Network show, Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven will appear, in super-deformed form, in new shorts sandwiched between full episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice. Titled simply “New Teen Titans,” the shorts feature the voice actors from the earlier series: Scott Menville, Hynden Walch, Khary Payton, Greg Cipes and Tara Strong.

“New Teen Titans” is part of a shorts roster that includes Plastic Man, LEGO Batman, Doom Patrol, Amethyst, Lauren Faust’s “Super Best Friends Forever,” Aardman’s claymation spots and Gotham Imposters.

DC Nation premieres Saturday, March 3 at 10 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network.


  • Bicycle-Repairman

    I don’t like the character designs. Their heads are much too big for their bodies. Are they supposed t be the “Teen Titans” or the “Toddler Titans”? And where are Raven’s limbs?

  • Vicstone

    Aw, I miss this show.

  • DWH

    Today’s kids are well-versed in the overseas trope of SD (super-deformed) or Chibi characters… given the heavy anime influence on Teen Titans (every other show opening was in Japanese for goodness sakes!) it fine for them to play homage to those influences by appropriating this trope (which is commercially popular, btw, notice the Funko Pop toys mainstreaming themselves into B&N and Toy R Us).

  • spiderrmonkey

    Man, I hate Control Freak.

  • Xcapeclaws

    Why is Control Freak blue? 

  • Gary

    I believe he is supposed to be parodying a character from a certain movie that made a few billion dollars….rhymes with ‘mavatar.’

    It’s Avatar.

  • kyle

    Avatar reference within an Alien reference. Reference-ception.

  • Zach

     Because it’s an “Avatar” joke.

  • Mike Shirley

     He’s a fat nerd obsessed with pop culture. I think he painted himself blue to look like the guy from Avatar.

  • Guest

    He’s a Na’vi from Avatar.

  • Guest

    I totally agree with you. They already have a toddler titans comic. I miss the old version. This one sucks. (And yes, where are Ravens limbs?!)

  • Jracosta92

    Come on, guys. This is our chance to let the creators know that we want a season 6! Besides, the reason why they’re showing these chibi versions of the titans is because they’re actually testing us if we really want the show back on Cartoon Network, and hopefully make a new season. Obviously I know MOST of you people here does want the original show back. Well this is our chance. We need to watch DC Nation and watch the end credits of Young Justice, and Green Lantern: The Animated Series and that’s where they’ll show the Teen Titans shorts. This is our moment of truth!

  • Jonesj714

    The shorts are better than nothing, and I think they look cute. But I still think they should bring back the old show….Raven’s just a cape and a head….

  • seleya

    why are the teen titans little i like the big one better

  • seleya

    thats what i want to know

  • seleya

    i agre with you this is a teast to see if we want it back good idea

  • Laura Flett

    lmao thats sooo true where is ravens limbs on this XDDDD

  • Temitope Emokpae

    It may not what we had hopes for but at least it has our favorite chracters and they never did much teen activities in the old version anyway. Plus raven without limbs looks totally cool.

  • JohnOofield

    Yep!… ‘fraid so!

  • Fat Albert

    This wil be a long “post”, so please bear with me. There’s a LOT to cover. I really, REALLY hate to be the one to point this out…but I can explain in detail what actually DID happen to the formerly “cool” teen titans. It’s no mere “coinsidence” that ( as Bicycle-Repairman said ) the Teen Titans have been reduced to “Toddler Titans.” And now for the “STINKER!”: In our modern anti-sex-offender society ( believe me, the salem witch-trials are BACK!**), anything that portrays children and teens in ANY way AT ALL that can be considered “attractive” gets pulled from the airways. The definition of “child-porn” has been broadened INSANELY and now includes even cartoon characters that are “too well drawn!” That’s also what happened to the new “Tinker Bell” cartoon. Irate parents and the media-morality crusaders had the show “pulled” because they said Tinker Bell was “too sexy for kids!!” Well, that’s what has now happened to the Teen Titans! The “zero tolorance ( and I do mean “ZERO” tolorance!! )morality police” have struck again!! The original Teen Titans was “P.G.” rated. According to the new “child morality / safety code”, kids can no longer be “allowed” to watch those awful “P.G.” rated shows… too “sexy!”… also “too violent! … and since cartoons are “for kids”, “P.G”. rated cartoons must now cease and desist!! “sour apples” indeed!! And if you are an individual cartoonist or media network, believe me, YOU DO NOT WANT TO END UP SUFFERING THE CONSEQUENCES OF FINDING YOURSELF ON THE “WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW” when it comes to SEX-OFFENDER/ MORALITY issues!!** ..ESPECIALLY where “CHILDREN” are concerned!! You just don’t MESS with that, Jack!** First, psychotic control freak parents got “irate!” ( These are the kind of jealous control-freak parents that press CHARGES when their kids are caught “holding hands!” ).They wrote threarening letters to FOX TV. ( Cartoon Network, also! )Then police and prosecutors got involved. Then ( this being the “ICING” on the cake ) the “media morality crusaders” ( You know … the “CHRIS HANSEN” and “NANCY GRACE” type! ) threatened to make a nasty little “issue” out of things!! As a broadcasting network, you’d have to be certifiably INSANE to fight against all that!! You could even end up in JAIL!! And your “media-reputation” would get blown all the way to HELL!! So, at the first sign of “child-porn-trouble”, they ( as they did with “Tinker Bell” ) pulled the “offending” T.V show and swiftly replaced it with a comical, ultra stupid ( this may be a sort of “protest”) non-violent, “baby-fied” version!! Happy %%%% Hanikah! I suppose police will soon be raiding comic-book stores. So much for the First Amendment! So much for the “cool cartoons” of yesterday. Zero tolorance means “ZERO” TOLORANCE!!” It’s sad, but that’s what happened to the Teen Titans. hey hey hey, not much left to say.

  • Fat Albert

    No, I’m sorry to tell you this,…but the networks ain’t testin’ NObody! Again, they got threatened by the “morality police” who said that, like the new “Tinker Bell” show, the Teen Titans were “too sexy for kids!” Cartoons now have to be “G.” rated!”…like Snow white!! And anybody that’s ever researched ‘sex offender issues’ will tell you RIGHT now that when “the law” ( backed by prosecutors, the media, and countless irate moms and dads – 80% of which are vicious “psychopaths” ) threatens you with publicised accusations, exposure, and maybe even “LEGAL” actions , there’s only one thing you can “do”: “DROP THE “OFFENDING” SHOW!”…FAST! I do believe that the new “baby-fied” version of the Teen Titans is the network’s way of “protesting” the new “psycho-parental” regulations. If so, I DON’T BLAME THEM! hey hey HEY!

  • Fat Albert

    Man, I just wonder “?” how many cartoonists have lost their JOBS due to all these new “psycho-parental” regulations! Nobody DARES argue with the law.. not when it comes to “kids and S-X!” If you want to see just how “psychotic” the authorities ARE on that issue, go and “google” ( actually, “Bing” is a better search engine )… just type in the words “Sex Offender Issues” or “child porn witch-hunt” or “offender laws Hitler!” You’ll be “blown away” by the sheer INJUSTICE of it all! Truth be told, one DOES NOT “ARGUE” with the dreaded OBSCENITY POLICE! ( Especially where “KIDS” are concerned!!** )They’ll make a damn “Sex Offender” out of you!…for “LIFE!!” No “cartoonist” is going to risk that! Why not “read up” on residency restrictions? Life as an “exposed”-registered-Sex Offender is pure HELL! No T.V. network executive is gonna want to “risk” that either! When threatened with THAT, i guarantee it, they pulled the “offending” cartoons VERY quickly! And we all lost a DAMN good cartoon in the process! And incase you haven’t noticed, really GOOD cartoons are “hard to come-by” in this “Family-Guy” day and age! It’s such a shame. Right now, you can still watch the original Teen Titans on YouTube ( Perhaps on Hulu as well.). Perhaps you can still obtain the Teen Titan DVDs. It’s worth a try, anyway.

  • Fat Albert

    I know this because I’ve watched them replace all the “GOOD” cartoons for years! Only the ones that have depictions of “shapely” young girls and boys, (women and men) in them! The old “Super-Friends” cartoon would be pulled from the airways, too! After all, Wonder Woman is WAY too “HOT” for nasty little BOYS to be viewing! So is Jayna of the Wonder-Twins! So is Wendy of Wendy and Marvin. So are ALL of the female super-heroes! The muscle-bound thugs like Aqua-Man, Green-Lantern, Bat-Man+Robin, SuperMan, Flash, and Hawk-Man were downright “DANGEROUS” for impressionable little GIRLS to watch!! I mean, “God FORBID” they should get any un-christian “ideas!” It’s so “STUPID!!” I can’t STAND it!! All those good old cartoons were P.G. rated. ( not “G” rated as is required today! )They all had “attractive” characters in them. And they would thus, have been pulled from the airways ( along-side the Teen Titans ) by our modern-day moral crusaders, the parental-psycho-cops! Their brutal “ZERO TOLORANCE” policies have gone WAY too figgin far!! I do believe that the X-Men cartoon was also “pulled” from the airways for that same BUTT-ANAL reason!.. Too “indecent” to be watched by kids ages 5-17! The characters were WAY too “attractive!” I’m sure the old “FlintStones” cartoon would be pulled from the airways, too! After all, Wilma FlintStone is “attractive!” She wears a short skirt that shows her long shapely legs! So does Betty Rubble! ‘Can’t have the kids viewing THAT! This parental-moral crusade has ( seemingly ) “scrubbed” the airways of at least 70% of our best cartoons! Their ZERO TOLORANCE policy, now ( seemingly ) in place, is harsh and unforgiving. Well, at least there’s YouTube…I think.

  • BlackGeorgiaTown

    Dont you know? This “Fat Albert’s” perty SMART. Hes absolutly righte! Whats been done to the Teen Titans ( turning them into ToTlers) is nothin but “SENSERSHIP” purely and simply. And Ravens limbs are gone becouse she was too attractive. What I dont “GET” is why “Adult Swim” getsaway with all the nasty stuff “IT” shows!! Cant the oridginal Teen Titans show be showed on Adult Swim? Theres nothin but “trash” on that show anyway! Why not put somepin thats GOOD on it for onetimes!?

  • BlackGeogiaTown

    Sorry about my not so good writtins. I guess Im not so smart. You can thank our moderen educatenal outfit for that. N-E-ways, It’s sad what they do to TV thisday. well, I’mfraid Itll only get more dark b-4 the day dons nye. “piece!”

  • John Oofield

    Sadly, Her limbs were “censored” out of existence! Fat Robert’s right! The victorian school principals are waging war on ANYthing they consider “harmful to minors” and they’ve gone WAY off the deep end! If you want to have recordings of the original Teen Titans to watch, you better get out there and try to obtain your copies on DVD. They’re selling out fast, like anything else that gets banned! It does no good to sit here “bitchin'” over somthing that you can do nothing about! I think you can still get DVDs of the original Teen Titans. Hopefully, they haven’t peen pulled from the shelves. Now’s the time to “move!”

  • John Oofield

    And Black Georgia House, I have only this to say… you really should go back to school. Life’s really tough for an illiterate person. My uncle never learned how to read and or write. One night , he was in a car wreck. people were hurt. He couldn’t tell the paramedics where to go because he couldn’t read the street signs! In the end, fortunately, everybody was o.k. That’s when my stubborn uncle realised that there’s nothing wrong with going back to school..nothing to be ashamed of. Take care.

  • Fat Albert

    O.k, here’s the problem with suggesting that the original Teen Titans be featured ( not “showed” ) on Adult Swim. Adult Swim is much like SouthPark, but even “trashier” ( if that’s POSSIBLE!)! Anybody that has watched Adult Swim will invariably notice that the show -like South Park-is generally geared toward a primarily “gay” audience. All the sex and sexual “undertones” in Adult Swim cater to the gay lifestyle. Much like South Park.In South Park the ONLY sex that goes on is GAY sex. In South Park, most of the women are drawn ( when nude ) as having very average blotchy skin. Never any “bomb-shells.” This is so “chronic” in South Park that the implications quickly become all too “obvious!” : Tray Parker and Matt Stone ( the show’s creators) are gay lovers! ( Yep.. ‘fraid so! ) And they do NOT find women sexually attractive… AT ALL! They view women as being like slimy jelly-fish..all trashy…all “whores and sluts.” This representation of “all women” clearly reveals how Parker and Stone “VIEW” women in general! The ONLY sex for Parker and Stoner is GAY sex. And that is CLEARLY reflected throughout the show. When attractive girls DO appear in South Park, they are only shown ” In passing.” They are never “featured” or “focused” on, and they rarely if ever “talk!” Adult Swim is pretty much the same way. It’s geared mostly toward a gay audience that likes homosexualty. The producers of Adult Swim are ( by implication ) mostly gay. As such, they would have “no interest” in adopting the original Teen Titan show. It just wouldn’t “DO” anything for them. Yes it would be nice if these largely “banished” cartoons could find a new home on Adult Swim. But Adult Swim, like South Park seems more geared to the purpose of promoting homosexuality. Teen Titans doesn’t promote that.

  • ColdBlueStone

    Yeah, Iv’e noticed. On Adult Swim, all the sex is GAY sex, never ever HETERO sex. Not even BI-SEXUAL sex! Same with 98% of southpark. I just drew to a strong painful conclusion: MODERN TELEVISION IS SICKER THAN DOG PUKE, and it flat out SUCKS ASS!! The psycotic “decency police” ignore all the raunchy gay garbage on TV, but they ruthlessly attack anything that might be appealing to people of any “other” sexual orientations! All in the name of “child-protection!” Television has never been as “UN”cool as it is today! It SUCKS ASS!! And I’m sick and tired of it. Does anybody remember “COOL?” Does anybody remember “the sexy “BOMB-SHELL?

  • Fat Albert

    Man, them “good old days” are way PAST gone, now. Hey hey hey…. not much left to say. At least a fat guy like me can still go to “Hooters.” Man, I thank the good Lord for “Hooters!” I’d like to see the parental control psychos shut THAT down! You know, sooner or later, there will come a time when we “straight” folks are goimg to have to stand up and fight for “OUR” rights! The gays have “gay rights”protections,.. but where are the STRAIGHT people’s “rights and protections!!?? They don’t HAVE any!!! Because all heterosexuals are viewed as potental “sex predators!” I can’t stand it! The loss of all our favorite cartoons is like “collateral damage.” Losing those, should be the “least” of our worries!***