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Jason’s I Killed Adolf Hitler Traveling to Big Screen

Studio Eight has acquired the film rights to I Killed Adolf Hitler, the deadpan time-travel graphic novel from Norwegian cartoonist Jason.

Published in 2007 by Fantagraphics Books, the Eisner Award-winning book follows a hitman hired to travel back through time to 1938 to assassinate Hitler and avert the Holocaust, only to have his assignment go spectacularly wrong: The Führer overpowers his would-be assassin and sends himself to the present, stranding the hitman in the past.

According to Fantagraphics, screenwriter DC Walker of Up Country Productions has penned the adaptation. Studio Eight executives Jamie and Alex Brown previously worked on such films as In My Country and Shadows in the Sun.


  • Eric

    I hope it will be animated, and in 2-D, traditional animation. It will probably not be.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Hey, Wait as either a short film (animated preferably) or even a feature. I think it could be either animated a la Persepolis (which was beautifully done) or live action. The magical realism lends itself to CGI effects,

  • sandwich eater

    I find it interesting that so much time travel fiction deals with killing Hitler.  There is not much fiction about killing Alexander the Great, Ghengiz Khan, or Napoleon.  These men were also conquerors who caused untold amounts of devastation.  Maybe it’s because Hitler was recent, but there’s not much fiction about killing other 20th century tyrants like Stalin.