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Gael Garcia Bernal Swings Into Fox’s Futuristic Zorro Reborn

Fox has big plans for Zorro. Instead of doing another classic take on the character, the studio has in the works Zorro Reborn, which finds our swashbuckling hero fighting for what’s right in a post-apocalyptic world.

Variety reports that Fox has found its Zorro in 33-year-old Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal (The Motorcycle Diaries). Before he dons the mask, however, Garcia Bernal will pop up in Will Ferrell’s Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre and then with Kate Hudson in A Little Bit Of Heaven.

Zorro Reborn does not yet have a start date or a director, but the screenplay was written by Harker‘s Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy.


  • Cjorg2

    Zorro Reborn – better known as “How to Fuck up a Character that has a long History of Successfully starring in the Western/ Swashbuckling Genre by putting him in a totally different one.”

    Coming next from Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy – Dirty Harry the Musical.

  • Brenticles

    Post apocalyptic doesn’t have to mean mutants and zombies with ray guns.  It can be a world blasted backwords where no tech works.  It could be a very western-esq feel and work very well for Zorro. 

  • Mel

    Yeah, it could be like Book of Eli but with Zorro.

  • Cjorg2

    Or they could just do a Zorro movie without trying to make Book of Eli with Zorro, or Mad Max starring Zorro. 

    If you are making a Zorro movie, make a fucking Zorro movie!  But I guess guys like you are two of the only felllas who loved Jonah Hex.

  • Lord Prong

    If a movie studio doesn’t have confidence in a film/ character being accessible/ attractive to an audience as it is, they shouldn’t make the film. 

    Jonah Hex failed miserably because, by their own admission, the directors and writers all believed they had to alter the traditional Western genre to make it more attractive to an audience and sell more tickets.  Read any interview and you’ll see them crapping on about how Westerns don’t attract an audience anymore.  So they changed it, and it ended up a commercial and critical disaster.  An absolute embarrassment.

    Yet, that same year the Coen Bros made True Grit.  A film that adhered to the Western genre and not only was their most financially lucrative film ever, was widely acclaimed as one of the best films made that year.

    Now we have “Zorro Reborn.”  Hollywood doesn’t learn from their mistakes. 

  • Mister_cup

    International writer Isabel Allende has published a book retelling the Zorro story, with a more wide globe-spanning canvas than usually portraid in Zorro movies. If it’s a fresh take they want, they could go with that, or another similar approach. I too don’t see this ending well… Plus, I really don’t see Bernal in the part…