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X-Men: First Class Sequel Will Focus on Magneto, Writer Says

While story talks are still in their earliest stages for the sequel to last year’s hit X-Men: First Class, screenwriter Simon Kinberg did have a few things to say about it to MTV.

After explaining that he’s writing and producing, with Matthew Vaughn set to direct, Kinberg talked about his X-fandom. “I’m a huge X-Men fan,” he said. “I grew up loving the comic books and it was really exciting to be able to do the origin story of Xavier and Magneto, and getting those two actors, [James] McAvoy and [Michael] Fassbender, were really amazing. So being able to explore those characters with actors of that quality will be exciting a second time around, and doing some things unexpected with those characters, which is the plan.”

As the story is still in its infancy, it might be too early to say, but Kinberg also explained that the follow-up will focus more heavily on Magneto.

“Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he’s a much more complicated character as a young man,” he said. “He’s someone you sympathize with, you care about you root for even though might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy.”

The writer/producer went on to explain that Fassbender is the type of actor who can handle the many facets of Magneto and will most likely not get into “full-on” territory as a villain or anything else.


  • Mattnotis

    I thought Vaughan was directing Superior in 2014?  No way he’ll have time for both.

  • Randy Watson

    Awesome. Fassbender was flawless as Magneto.

    I have my fingers crossed for a God Loves, Man Kills adaptation (I know X2 loosely did it, but I want the mutant children crucified on swingsets levels of hardcore maybe with some Sentinels for good measure).


    The Money will force the Studio to make sure Vaughan is available to direct the X-MEN sequel.

  • Hypestyle the Hype Man

    Hopefully the movie will be just as intense as the first, and be at least 2 hours.  I’d like the film to still stay in the mid-1960s instead of jumping into the 70s and whatever else has been bandied about in interviews.. still a lot of ground to cover and social tumult

  • xMatt

    Michael Fassbender is fast on becoming one of the greatest actors of this generation.

  • Kal-El

    Magda, Anya, the twins, Bova & the High Evolutionary, bring it on!

  • Anonymous

    This is actually a very exciting opportunity… one I hope the powers-that-be don’t blow. This is a unique chance to do something different in a comic book/superhero movie: focusing on the “bad guys” (or at the very least, the “anti-heroes”) and showing the struggles and roadblocks that THEY have to overcome – not only in attempting to protect their agenda, but also in dealing with the meddling “white hats”. Thus far, the movies with traditional comic book anti-heroes Punisher, Wolverine & Ghost Rider haven’t fully embraced that possibility, instead showing those characters as tragic, misunderstood or just plain heroic. It would be a refreshing and wonderfully subversive turn to show Magneto and his crew as heroes in their own minds – championing their righteous cause by any means possible in order to preserve their way of life.

  • Demoncat4

    nice for loved how the last film started xavier and magnetoe  starting to be conflicted  in their views and hope the film also adds the orginal x-men 

  • Cyclops_75

    X-men FC  is biggest load of sh!t ive ever seen!,a fcuking insult to true x-men fans and they making a another sequel about fag magneto, as if he hasn’t been in enough x-men movies.

  • Gnoob

     Simon Kinberg: “I’m a huge X-Men fan” the guy who co-wrote  X-men#3 and killed off Xavier and Cyclops, two of the most important x-men characters and he’s writing the sequel to XFC, LAMFO!!!

  • aliyah


  • S

    i would like to see more of azazel as well. he is the most bad A of any of the mutants. maybe put some background on him in there too. biblical battles or him being banished to the other demention maybe. him and mystique making nightcrawler. or perhaps an x-men origins: azazel?

  • Traumerei_

    Wasn’t it the sequel of X-Men : First Class?
    Was it Magneto : Origin or something?Where is Professor X, guys, seriously. No one think a birth of leader of X-Men can be equally interesting enough? Disappointing.