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It’s Cumberbatch Vs. Quinto in New Photos From Star Trek 2 Set

Warning: Potential spoilers for Star Trek 2 follow!

MTV has a couple of revealing photos from the set of Star Trek 2, perhaps the most secretive movie since … well, J.J. Abrams’ last project. And while we still don’t know who Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch plays in the sequel, we can now say with certainty that he goes a couple of rounds of Zachary Quinto’s Spock, with an apparent assist from Zoe Saldana’s Uhura on what’s being characterized as “a space barge set.”

The website notes that Cumberbatch’s villain, who apparently slips free of Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinch only to be stopped by Uhura with a phaser, is wearing a black Starfleet uniform beneath his uniform, suggesting that he at one point had been an ally.

The film, which began production last month, also stars Chris Pine, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Bruce Greenwood, Alice Eve and Peter Weller. It opens May 17, 2013.


  • Keith

    Garth … of … Izar. Gotta be, right?

  • Evan Prodromou


  • Anonymous

    Escape Vulcan nerve pinch; get stunned by Uhura. PWN’d.

  • Wrath Of Chaka Khan

    Black Starfleet uniform and able to escape Spock’s Vulcan nerve pinch. Not thinking Khan. Khan wasn’t a Starfleet person, but a genetically engineered superhuman that was revived by Kirk and the crew in their time. IF Khan IS in this, I’m thinking Cumberbach isn’t him.

    My thinking is that Cumberbach is POSSIBLY playing Lt. Gary Mitchell (could account for the black Starfleet uniform, similar to what Chris Pine’s Kirk wore in the last movie). In the old tv series, Kirk was friends with Mitchell and the latter had e.s.p. to godlike levels.
    IF Khan IS in this, I could see them tying the Mitchell and Khan characters together in a genetics/extra-sensory perception sort of way.
    Unless they just lay threads to Khan in this one and leave him for a third film.
    But I’m going to say Cumberbach is Gary Mitchell.

  • Anonymous

    Garth or Gary Mitchell make sense if it’s not Khan

  • Lord Prong

    They already did the Gary Mitchel story in the IDW comic which is written in collaboration with the creators of the new Star Trek films.  They’re viewed as canon.  So you’re all wrong in this case.  Sorry

  • Wrath Of Chaka Khan

    I’m aware of the IDW comic and it’s being within canon.

    Hmmm. Perhaps they did that specific storyline for a purpose of leading into this movie?
    Didn’t read it myself, so I don’t know of any sort of finality that may or may not have been written into that comic.
    Could also just be an original new character and not someone from the old series.
    Producer Bryan Burke said in a December 20th article on that the story and villain may be original ala Nero from the last movie having no prior link to the original canon aside from his being Romulan.
    Hell! Whoever he is, I’m still looking forward to this movie. Really loved the first one. ;)

  • Wrath Of Chaka Khan

    By the way, Lord Prong (and the rest of you out there interested), Comic Book Movie put up more still photos. You can see who look like stunt doubles standing behind Quinto and Cumberbach in one shot. The possible stunt double for Cumberbach has a Starfleet symbol on his black shirt while Cumberbach’s shirt has none. 

    Check it out. ;) 

  • kal el


  • kal el

    I think the movie is going to use HARRY MUDD  and maybe squeeze in Carol Marcus or Kirks brother.

    Personaly I would have liked to see SPACE SEED  redone with the new continuity.

  • Ivy_duhart2001

    Benedict Cummberbatch might be playing Kirks old acadamy friend Gary Mitchell in the original, “Where no man has gone before” where he developed superpowers in an electromagnetic storm that the Enterprise went through in the Original TV series.

  • Kurt

    Might be a prequel to the Kahn story, the Wugenics War and being sent away on the barge.