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Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Passes $1 Billion at Box Office

Thanks to the 3D re-release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, George Lucas’ franchise now has its first $1 billion earner. The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the numbers, pointing out that the film needs to make $1.5 million more to overtake The Dark Knight and become the 10th highest-grossing film of all time, without taking inflation into account.

The film grossed nearly $65 million in its opening weekend in 1999, according to Box Office Mojo, a huge number compared to the $35.8 million the 3D re-release has grossed since Feb. 10. Those were heady days, back when the economy was booming and we didn’t yet know what a Jar Jar was.


  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Impressive…most impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully when the other 5 are released (in 3D!!!) they pass this one up.

  • Keil

    10th highest

    The difference is, the other 9 films were actually good

  • Lord Prong

    The fact that you think Avatar, Pirates of the Carribean, and friggin’ Transformers 3 are better than this film shows how little you actually know about what constitutes a “good” film.

  • Gary

    So, do you think Phantom Menace was a good movie?

  • Casey Justice

    Well, Pirates certainly is.

  • Keil

    you’re right – I stand corrected. There are only about 3 good movies in that top10.

    I was thinking of the list that is adjusted for inflation – with Gone
    with the Wind and other films on it. Should have know this fanboy
    article would not have used that list

  • Lord Prong

    A helluva lot better than Avatar, PI3 , and T3.  And it’s not that much worse than most of the other Star Wars movies – lot better than the embarrassing Return of the Jedi.  ROTJ is the worst film in that franchise IMO and seems to be forgotten amidst all the fanboy backlash.
    Apart from DK, I’m not a huge fan of most of the films on that list. 

  • Lord Prong

    No they’re not – the list is referring to PI 3 & 4 which are crap.  Only the first Pirates fim is any good.  I’d watch Phantom Menace before those two films. 

  • Lord Prong

    Let me guess – Lord of the Rings, Dark Knight, and Toy Story 3.  Please don’t say the woefully overrated Titanic or I will lose all respect for you.

    I’d rip my eyes out before I’d subject myself to that film again.

  • Keil

    who cares – the films on the adjusted for inflation list are infinitely better than all of those films

    but hey, Phantom Menace is now far and away the suckiest movie per dollar spent of all time

  • Keil

    any random 5 minutes from Jedi is better than all the best parts of all 3 prequels combined

  • Lord Prong

    Actually that’d be Avatar

  • Lord Prong

    Which 5 minutes? – the ones with the Ewoks, the musical number in Jabba’s palace, or every scene involving Han Solo being a complete and utter useless pussy?  Let’s not even mention the amazing 5 minutes accorded to Boba Fett as well. 

    ROTJ is a much shittier film than Phantom Menace.  Apart from Empire, the others are pretty much forgetful as well.  Complaining about Phantom is like complaining about the quality of one turd in a turd factory.

  • Mars Bonfire

    That promo picture of a young Anakin casting the shadow of Darth is the only good thing about The Phantom Menace. 

  • Keil

    Wow, you must be really young. The stupid musical numbers in Jabba’s
    palace were added as part of the special editions in the late 90’s.

    I’d direct you to the Plinkett reviews at this point

  • Lord Prong

    I’m sure I’m older than you – and even in the original version I watched as a teenager back in the eighties, the dopy Muppet band was embarrassing and pointess.  And my other examples still stand as to why most Star Wars films, particularly ROTJ are as bad or worse than Phantome Menace.

  • Keil

    in that case you just have a bad memory. You said musical number – there
    was none in the original. There was a dance by a mostly naked chick, and
    there was a band playing in the  background in several scenes.

    Your examples are a joke – you can come up with 2 or 3 (the same ones
    that have been spouted on the Internet a hundred times), whereas there
    are hundreds of examples of things wrong with Phantom Menace

    What I originally said stands, and always will stand, until the sun burns
    out. Any random 5 minutes of Jedi adds up to more good stuff than all of
    the prequels “strengths”

    Glad you like the prequels. I like some crappy movies too – like Sucker Punch – but I don’t pretend it’s better than good movies

  • Lord Prong

    I suggest taking some English as a Second Language Courses at college.  Your literacy skills are pretty fucked up.  You don’t read english very well.  Maybe Keil is a common name from Botswana or something – who cares…

    The real joke here is your sad belief that ROTJ and all the other Star Wars films are somehow better than the turd that is the Phantom Menace.  They’re not.  They’re all crappy films.  They all exist on the same level of shit.  Empire is the only saving grace out of that badly written, poorly acted franchise and that’s all downn to Kershner or whatever the fuck his name is.

    Never said I like the prequels at all – they are all just as bad as the others.  The problem is sad little fanboys like yourself like to jump on the bandwagon of hating on a film that is, at it’s most basic, as bad, yet just as good as the rest of the prequels and two of the original films. 

    Feel free to have an English speaking friend read this comment to you, and take a moment to try to comprehend it.  Cheers.

  • Alex

    IF Transformers or Avatar are on that list, I’ll atleast put Phantom Menace above it. I was really disapointed in Avatar, seeing as how I liked all of Cameron’s other films.

  • Jorge Chinchilla

    Phantom Menace was garbage. that guy doesnt get that of all 6 movies, this one could be used to wipe my rear. 

  • Cyclonicd

    What ever happened to Jake Lloyd? JarJar, a CGI construct actually out acted a flesh and blood actor. SCARY…

  • Braunrodman

    Christ it really is sad people are watching this trash again…

  • Braunrodman

    Prong you are a fool

  • Jacob

    Am I the only one that thinks Vader looks like a chick with short hair in a dress?

  • LightningBug

    I just watched this movie for the first time since 1999 (when I deemed it garbage upon my first viewing) and am amazed that it is even worse than I remembered. Thank god I didn’t waste my time watching it in 3d. The fact that this Prong idiot thinks it is anywhere near ROTJ in quality (let alone better than it) is the funniest goddamn thing I’ve read on the internet in years. Let’s keep indulging him with attention so he will continue to make even more hilariously untrue and moronic statements!

  • Mike Vukovich

    I bet that, once the original trilogy movies are released theatrically, not only will they based on the lame Blu-Ray cuts, but Lucas will also carefully engineer the number of theaters showing them so that they can’t outgross the prequels. (Hey, he already has way too much money, so why not play games like that?)

  • Barbara9munson

    Sat in big theatre sunday, today. with only 5 other people.  3-D not worth the high price of addmission.  This was at Vero Beach Fla a cool gloomy day.  The glasses made it darker. We watched it without them half the time. 
    Outrageous asking American parents to pay horrible prices for their kids to see this..

  • TC

    Yeah, because everyone knows Transformers 3 was a fantastic movie, right?